Transport: Categories, Aspects and Importance of Transportation

Transport or transportation is simply referred to the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The term is derived from a Latin word trans (across) and portare (to carry). The word transport or transportation involves spatial interaction which defines the flow of products (people, services or information among places in response to localize, supply … Read more

Pipeline Transportation:Types, Advantages and Disadvantages of Pipeline Transport

What is pipeline Transportation? Pipeline transportation is one of themodes of transport that involves the use of hollow pipes in the transportation of water, crude oil, (petroleum), biofuels and gas. This mode of transportation is safer and cheaper than using tankers or trailers in the transportation of these liquids. Pipelines where originally used only to carry … Read more

Air Transport: Definition,Types, Development, Advantages Disadvantages of Air Transport

Definition of Air Transport Air transport is an aircraft design for transporting passengers and freight from one location to another in the air using airplanes, jets, rockets helicopters, and drones. Each of these type of air transport has a unique way of achieving speed and the sustainability of it voyage, However there are other types … Read more

Modes of Transportation: Five Types of Transportation

Modes of transportation or Types of transport refer to a combination of networks, infrastructures, vehicles, and operations. These include walking, the road transport system, rail, ship transport, and modern aviation. Different modes of transportation have emerged over time, basically, there are five (5) modes of transportation which are listed below. Five Major Modes of Transportation … Read more

Transport and Communication: Definition and Importance/ Advantages

Transportation and communication are means or processes of overcoming distance. Transportation usually involves carrying or moving goods and people from place to place, while communication involves the passing of news and information from one person to another. Transportation involves such modes as roads, water, air, and pipelines, while communication involves the use of telephone, telegraphs, … Read more

Transport Network Analysis: Meaning and Major Types of Transportation Network

What is Transport Network? Transport network or transportation network refers to an integrated pattern in which route of group of centres also known as nodes (place of offloading and offloading of goods) are linked by routes. Transport network is the overall system consisting of transport route and mode. Networks are connected through roads and streets, … Read more