How to make chicken patties at home

I will be showing you how to make chicken patties, this chicken patty recipe is really the simplest and the patties are really crisp on the outside and also juicy in the center, you really don’t want to miss out on this one. You can add them to some burgers or enjoy them the way … Read more

Easy chicken soup recipe

Today, I am going to show you how to make chicken soup; added to this easy chicken soup recipe, are some Yukon gold potatoes that make you full when eaten, hence this chicken soup recipe can be eaten as a main dish. It is so creamy and easy to make at home. Origin of chicken … Read more

How to make fondant potatoes (pommes fondant)

The potatoes are glazed with a hot butter and herb sauce until they turn golden brown and finally garnished with fresh parsley. This dish is usually served as a side dish with roast chicken, veal, or lamb. It traditionally involves cutting them into cylindrical shapes, browning the ends in oil, and finally roasting them in … Read more

What brands use castoreum in perfumes and food?

Castoreum is an extract gotten from the sacs of beavers; this extract has a very strong, sweet scent; therefore the sacs containing this exudate are harvested from these animals for various uses especially by brands and companies that are involved in making perfumes, expensive drinks, and some other products. Is castoreum still being used? The … Read more

Churro Recipe – How to Make Churros

What are churros? Churros are simple snacks that are made from fried dough and can be eaten as breakfast with some chocolate dipping sauce, champurrado, dulce de leche, or hot chocolate. They can also be coated with cinnamon sugar. This churros recipe originated from Spain and Portugal and it is a common street food. Homemade … Read more