About Us

JotScroll is a site that helps you learn about various subjects such as Biology, Geography, Astronomy, Medical Science, Government, Business, and Food. We originally started this website as a way to share the information we learned about our respective fields, but it quickly grew into an information directory that is now used by industry professionals and students.

Our Goals

JotScroll hopes to make information readily available to our users. To achieve this, we have consolidated information from industry and practice experts from all of the fields we cover including Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy, Medical Science, Government, Business, and Food.

In The Press


Our Team

The Jotscroll editorial team concentrates expertise from a variety of industries and backgrounds including doctors, engineers, and business analysts.

cropped doctor 300 Dr. Razi Brown – CEO – bongdap@jotscroll.com

Razi Brown is the founder of Jotscroll, he is a Medical Doctor, entrepreneur and author. Dr. Brown holds a medical degree from the University of San Diego. He has invested in many startups and is currently working on his fifth published book for the upcoming year.

author Joseph Foster – Chief Editor – daniel@jotscroll.com

Joseph enjoys writing and learning about the fields of ecology and biology. He has experience teaching both of these subjects at a variety of universities as an adjunct professor. In his free time Joseph enjoys, surfing with his kids and travelling.

cropped agape oguche edited 200 Jamar Williams – Senior Life Science Writer – agape@jotscroll.com

Jamar holds an M.D. from Yale University as well as a B.S. in Biology from Brandeis University. He currently conducts research in the field of Microbiology with a specialized focus on bacteria. Outside of work Jamar enjoys spending time with his family and writing about his field of study to help students and other industry professionals better understand its effects on the world.

author Chyou Lang – Senior Business Editor – zaleng@jotscroll.com

Chyou is a published author who focuses on the field of international business. After an established career facilitating mergers and acquisitions for medium to large corporations, Chyou turned to writing to help students better understand international business concepts.

author Adri Kumar – Senior Writer – kaashima@jotscroll.com

Adri comes from an engineering background with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. She used this degree to focus on the study of agriculture and improving automation within the industry.

If you have any questions regarding our goals or team members, please feel free to contact us or review our terms.