Tapeworm in Humans Symptoms, Signs, Treatment and Diagram

Tapeworm infection in humans is caused mainly by humans eating infected meat and fish that haven’t been cooked properly or drinking contaminated water. Even though there are few symptoms of tapeworms in humans, their existence sometimes can cause severe life-threatening problems. However, tapeworm infection in humans can easily be treated. It has been discovered that … Read more

Microbiology Branches, History, and Careers

Microbiology is essential because microorganisms are everywhere, they surround us, and they live with us. Thus, it is expedient that a study of this branch of biology is created. Therefore, in order to understand and dissect the study of microorganisms known as microbiology, it is imperative that a general insight be given. What is microbiology? … Read more

Nematodes (Roundworms): Classification and Characteristics

What are Nematodes? Nematodes are also known as roundworms. They are parasites and belong to the phylum Nematoda. They are multicellular animals in the group Ecdysozoa. These nematodes parasitize virtually every type of animal and lots of plants. Roundworms inhabit water bodies and the soil before finding a host. Good topsoil is likely to contain … Read more

Genotype vs Phenotype: Examples, Ratios, and Differences

What is Genotype? Genotype is a word that is used commonly, but not easily understood because of its accompanying vocabularies when defining it. Truly, the work of Gregory Mendel with the pea plant began to open people’s understanding of genes. He experimented on Pisum sativum (pea plant), in order to determine or know the characteristics … Read more

Emergency Management: Types, Phases and Response Plan

Emergencies are situations that require immediate attention because they have high-risk rates and pose a threat to life and property. These situations if not properly managed can be very hazardous if they’re not attended to immediately and given first stage priority. There are dynamics for managing these emergencies and that is what we will be … Read more

Activated charcoal: How to make activated carbon at home

Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon and you can easily make this special type of charcoal at home using hardwood or charcoal. It has many benefits and uses for health, in emergencies, and for beauty.  When used for health, activated is commonly used for removing toxins and poisons from the body. At home, … Read more