Sugarcane Juice: How to make sugarcane with blender at Home

How to make sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is a refreshing drink made from the sugarcane plant. This plant grows in tropical regions. Sugarcane farming is common in tropical countries such as Nigeria; it is easy to grow this plant because it basically needs much water. Today, I will show you how to make sugar cane juice recipe at home with just a blender; you don’t need a juicer or any machine to make this drink.

Sugarcane Juice Benefits

The main benefit of sugarcane juice is that it is a natural sweetener; sugarcane is used majorly for making sugar and molasses. Other uses include use in smoothies, making of other juices where it serves as a natural sweetener, and also in making tea. This juice is mostly made with lemons or fresh ginger roots or ginger powder which adds some health benefits to this juice by adding antioxidants and vitamins to it.

Homemade Sugarcane Juice recipe can be used as a natural sweetener in custard puddings, tea, sweets, cakes, desserts, or smoothies. Sugarcane juice can be extracted at home using a blender.

How to Make Sugarcane Juice at home without a Juicer or machine

Sugarcane comes as a long cane or bar with greenish or dark maroon or brownish colored skin; before making the juice at home, you need to use a knife to scrape off the skin first.

Scraping the skin of sugarcane

In order to peel the skin of the sugarcane, you use a knife and scrape the skin from top to bottom or vice versa continuously in a cyclical manner until the whole plant is scraped off. The cane is then cut into short bars to make them easier for blending.


  • After scraping the skin of the sugarcane, the hardback that covers the fleshy pulp also needs to be peeled.
  • Use a knife and peel off the hardback to leave only the fleshy pulp
  • Cut the sugarcane pulp into small pieces to make it easier for blending
  • Add a small amount of water into the blender, 1/3 cup would do.
  • Drop a few pieces of cut sugarcane into the blender and start blending; when completely mashed, add a few more pieces and blend.
  • When done blending, transfer to a trainer with fine pores and sieve into a container or jar
  • You can add lemon juice like 2 tablespoons to a cup of sugarcane juice; an inch of fresh ginger roots can also be added. When adding ginger, it is good to blend together with the sugarcane in the blender before sieving it.
  • Your sugarcane juice is ready; it can be served chilled or over ice cubes.
  • If you are making this juice as a sweetener, no need of adding ginger or lemon

Uses of Sugarcane

  1. Sugar cane is a natural sweetener for making tea or drinks
  2. It is used in making sugar (granulated sugar)
  3. You can also use sugarcane for making molasses for your food recipes such as cakes, ice creams, desserts, and chocolates.
  4. If you prefer natural ingredients in your recipes, this juice can be used for sweetening your smoothies, custards, and juice.
  5. Sugarcane can be taken like a refreshing drink with lemons or as a fruit mix together with some fruits.

You can preserve in the fridge or freezer in your storage container and enjoy it whenever you need to drink this refreshing sugarcane recipe.