Homemade lemongrass tea with ginger for weight loss and other benefits

homemade lemongrass teaLemongrass Tea is also called Citronella Tea. This tea recipe is made from the lemongrass plant by using both the stalk and leaves. Lemongrass has many names in different countries of the world. It also called Citronella, Abafado, Andropogon citratus, Fever grass, Andropogon flexuosus, Limon, Limonaria, or Citronnelle. Other names are Cana Santa, Jonc Odorant, Sakumau, Sera, Sereh, Squinant, Ta-Khraj, or Tej-Sar. Lemongrass is also named as Verveine Indienne, Cymbopogon, barbed wire grass, silky heads, Cochin grass, Malabar grass, or oily heads.

Drinking Citronella tea helps you fight cold and flu just as ginger tea does. This is why adding fresh ginger roots helps improve its effectiveness with cold and flu. Lemongrass tea also helps calm anxiety and relieves depressed moods. It can also treat fever (especially malaria fever). This tea helps you sleep easily and many other health benefits. Various recipes and products are made with it. You can use it for making lemongrass chicken, for flavoring of food, it is used in making hair products, and soaps.

Lemongrass health benefits

  1. To treat spasm or abnormal movement of the gut
  2. Relieves stomachache and headache
  3. Treats hypertension
  4. Prevents convulsions
  5. Relieves Pain and neuralgia
  6. Stops vomiting
  7. Fights cold and cough
  8. Reduces pain due to rheumatism
  9. Treatment of malaria fever
  10. Relieves exhaustion

For pain relief, lemongrass oil is used instead of the tea. The oil is applied topically on the affected parts for headache, muscular pain, stomachache, or abdominal pain. Lemongrass steam or the aroma of lemongrass oil can be inhaled to relieve muscular pain and calm moods.

Ingredients for making Lemongrass tea.

  • Dried or Fresh organic lemongrass leaves, or lemongrass powder.
  • Ginger roots
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger
  • Sugar or honey

How to make lemongrass tea at home

  • Wash your lemongrass leaves thoroughly
  • Cut them into small sizes. Using scissors is easier.
  • You can use a pestle to smash the lemongrass leaves and stalk to make it easier for the nutrients to be infused into the water during boiling.
  • Put the cut lemongrass leaves into a cooking pot and add cardamom pods
  • Minced your fresh organic ginger and add to it. You can use ginger powder if you don’t have the fresh ginger roots.
  • Allow boiling for 15 minutes on Heat
  • Strain the mixture with a strainer and add your sugar or honey
  • Vanilla extract can be added to have a sweet lemongrass vanilla tea (this is optional)
  • You can enjoy your lemongrass tea.