Red Chilli Sauce Recipe: How to Make Red Hot Chili Sauce| Chili Paste

Chili sauce (chili paste) is an easy condiment prepared with chili peppers; this sauce is usually made into a paste and used as a marinade, to season a dish after preparation or as a dipping sauce. Different varieties of chili sauce exist. However, the common ones are prepared with chilli pepper, sugar, vinegar, and garlic, … Read more

Nitrogen Cycle Diagram and Steps

What is Nitrogen Cycle? The Nitrogen Cycle is the process by which atmospheric nitrogen is converted to a form that is absorbable by plants. This occurs through free-living and symbiotic bacteria. The Nitrogen cycle process is necessary because getting atmospheric nitrogen into living organisms is difficult. Plants and phytoplankton are not equipped to incorporate nitrogen … Read more

Photosynthesis Equation, Process, Steps and Diagram

What is Photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is the process by which carbon dioxide from the air is fixed into organic molecules and it helps to produce over 99% of food for living organisms. The light energy is converted to chemical energy. During this process, plants absorb CO2 and release O2 as a byproduct. The components required for this … Read more

Pollution: Definition, Types of Pollution, Causes, Effects and Solutions

Pollution Meaning Pollution is simply defined as the release of substances into the environment in quantities that are harmful to man and animals health. These substances released are called pollutants, they may be human-made or naturally occurring. Some examples of substances released into the environment include waste products of industries, refuse and even human waste. … Read more

The Tropics: Meaning, Characteristics, Tropical Climate and Countries

Tropics is the word derived generally from Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, the parallels at a latitude of 230 which shows the outer limit of the areas where the sun can ever be in zenith. Tropical definition Tropic are the regions of the Earth around the equator, varying in width from about 400 to 600 in latitude; these areas … Read more