Best and Quick Weight Loss Tips: Lose Weight Fast

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Your body can easily gain weight through what you do and the amount of energy you consume from foods because more energy is stored in the body when there are no activities to carry out, this weight gain can be in moderate size , more or overweightand in most cases may leads to obesity. When the weight becomes too much, it bring s about sluggishness, tiredness, heaviness, and other time could result to different types of cancer; however, it is best to get rid of this weight and live happier. There are different ways to lose weight, but before going into details, it is important you understand what weight loss is and the factors that cause weight loss.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss image showing before and after
Weight loss image showing before and after

Weight loss simply means a decrease in body mass, due to lose of flesh, tissue fat and fluid. A lot of factors could determine weight loss, these factors include malnutrition, improper diet or poor nutrition and this body weight can be loss through exercise, pills, sickness and natural means.

Factors that contributes to weight loss

  1. Malnutrition– This can be seen as a factor that affects body weight loss when an individuals diet lacks the required protein, vitamin, calories and other nutrients needed for growth and development and the body is unable to absorb and make use of nutrients, thereby leading to weight emaciation. In this case, the person is said to be malnourished and the sign could be obvious in the persons appearance.
  2. Poor nutrition– Poor nutrition is almost the same thing as malnutrition and another name for this is sub nutrition or malnourishment as it related to poor diet. This type of weight loss can result to vitamin and mineral deficiency and in most case could result in scurvy.
  3. Physical exercise- This is an activity that requires a physical training to keep fit, slim down and to improve health condition. The factor involves constant moving of the muscles to supressand to reduceexcess fats in some parts of the body. Exercise helps the body to work at a greater intensity than the usual level of daily activity and this has always been a great tip for many people tolosing body fat.
  4. Weight loss through pills– These are commonly called anti-obesity or diet pills, they are swallowed just like the normal tablets, though some come in form of tea and supplements and they are usually prescribed by doctors to patients. There are so many weight loss pills in medicine stores and some are more effective than others, it is always wise to seek a doctors advice before taking any.
  5. Weight loss through sickness– A person can lose weight unintentionally through diarrhoea, gastrointestinal disorder and other dangerous infections. Diarrhoea is the commonest cause of weight loss when it comes to unintentional factors, diarrhoea can cause vomiting, nausea and loss of appetitethereby reducing the body weight and ones the patientsrecovers from the sickness, the body returns to its normal state most especially after eating well.
  6. Weight lose through natural means– The natural method of losing weight is often recommended by many as it involves eating clean foods or healthy diet and also through partaking in healthy practices. Some of these natural means to lose weight include: eating food rich in protein, avoiding refined carbohydrate and eating whole grains, limiting processed foods and eating homemade meals, drinking of lots of water, reducing sugar intakeand salty foods, eating small portion of foods, having enough sleep, eating foods that contain fibre, eating more of green vegetables and fruits, among other things.

Ways to lose weight fast

Weight loss image
Weight loss image
  1. Eat low fat diet– Include healthy fat like coconut oil in your meal instead of the unhealthy ones. Coconut oil has a healthy form of fat- medium chain fatty acids, it does not raise blood glucose neither does it end up as body stored fat like saturated fats do, it provides energy through increased metabolism thereby leading to weight loss. The oil aids in brain function, muscle function (including heart muscle) and it contains antioxidant properties.
  2. Eat protein rich foods– Protein rich foods are best diet to lose weight, they help to boost metabolism by 90% calories per day , foods that are rich in protein will help you to stay full longer thereby limiting your crave for other starchy foods or snacks which can easily attract weight gain. Example of foods that are high protein include: Meat (Goat meat, pork, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bacon), Sea foods (Fish crayfish, lobster, crabs, shrimps, clamps, trout), Grains (beans, lentils, sorghum, quinoa, peas), Dairy products, milk, yoghurt) vegetables and eggs.
  3. Eat whole foods and avoid processed foods– Whole foods are not that complicated, they are just simple and natural, and they contain the needed nutrition in their natural state, hence whole foods help to you to avoid some junky fats, sugar, salt and other artificial additives found in processed foods. Example of whole foods include: Oatmeal, kale, carrots, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, yams, corn, whole cornmeal, black beans, brown rice, apples, peaches, bananas, grapes, mangoes, walnuts and almonds.
  4. Eat foods that are rich in fibre and avoid refined carbohydrates- Weight loss can be achieved through eating more fibre rich foods. Refined carbohydrates are foods that their essential nutrients and fibre have been altered during the refining process. However, fibre is an important part of a healthy balanced diet, foods rich in fibre can help preventheart disease,diabetes, weight gain, and can also improvedigestive health. Example of foods rich in fibre are: Carrots and potatoes, navy beans, avocado, almonds, banana, apple whole wheat bread. These type of foods help you to stay full all long and slow the rate at which digestion takes place. 30 grams of fibre per day is often recommended for weight loss.
  5. Crave more for unsweetened beverage or soft drinks – Excess sugar intake is linked to weight gain and obesity; many soft drinks like yoghurts, milk shakes, ice creams and soda are loaded with much sugar just to make them taste good, continuous taking of such drinks could easily result in increase in blood glucose level and appetitemaking you crave for more sweet foods which in turn may lead to weight gain; however, unsweetened yoghurt, coffee and green tea can be substituted with sugary drinks. Coffee has been known to combat weight gain for long, it contains antioxidants and it increases energy levels and also helps in burning calories.
  6. Eat homemade foods and cut down the number of times you eat outside– If you are used to eating outside your house, you will definitely gain more weight than expected, you can plan your meal and take time to prepare them yourself at home.
  7. Eat more vegetables and fruits– Vegetables and fruits are loaded with numerous healthy benefits, they are high in fibre, and have been found to contain low fat and calories which are ideal for weight loss. The fibre in these vegetables and fruits helps to keep you satiated and limit your crave for other foods. Fruits and vegetables should be included in weight lose diet list. The list of vegetables and fruits for weight loss is endless, the few ones are: Carrots, cucumber, green salad, broccoli, cauliflower, apple, celery, spinach, kale, basil, grapefruit, kiwi and lime, orange, etc.
  8. Eat low calorie breakfast– Combining of carbohydrate and protein for breakfast keeps you full for a longer time, Protein fuels your metabolism and helps prevent muscle breakdown when youre losing weight.Carbs give your body the strength it needs for lasting energy and aid in brain function, and can also help curb sugar craving. Combining whole grain bread and peanut butter, is a perfect way of mixing healthy protein and carbohydratefor weight loss. Sweet potato, chicken, egg, fish should be added to your meal, since they are low in calories
  9. Chose a smaller plate eat smaller portion of food- Sweet foods are really tempting; for you to burn more calories it means you have to put a check on your portion of meal per serving, this is not meant to starve your stomach, it simply means that you have to share your daily caloric intake into smaller meals and then eat up to 4-6 times per day to stabilizeyour blood sugar levels and maintain yourenergy levels, and also to improve the performance and efficiency of your metabolism. By doing this, you are indirectly training your body to let go of your fat stores since you will be readily supplying your metabolism with the needed fuel. when you do this, your metabolism will kick into high gear and you will feel more energized and alert during the day. The best way to achieve this is to share your normal portion into two parts and serve one part, to do this, you have to use a smaller plate to serve yourself; using of smaller plate enables you to serve smaller portion of food to yourself each time and always remember tostart by drinking water first before eating each meal. This has been found to be effective for weight loss. .
  10. Drink more water daily- Water is a great driver for weight loss; it has no calorie or fat. Water can help to slow down your increasing appetite if taken before meal time. Always make sure you drink much water, 6-8 glasses of water per day especially during hotter day and while exercising.
  11. Get enough sleep every night- The more time you stay awake, the more you get hungry and crave for food or snacks. Sleep helps to relax the brain, the mind and the entire body. Poor sleep is a contributing factor to weight gain, the brain is relaxed when you have had a sound sleep and you tend to make good decision and choice after having a good sleep and it has a way of increasing your metabolic rate.
  12. Do more weight loss exercise– Physical exercise is very important in weight loss plan, apart from assisting in weight loss; it can also prevent heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and some cancers. You dont necessarily have to go to the gym for exercise, even a simple cardio like weight lift, jumping, jogging, walking, cycling and running will help you to burn few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing own.

15 Tips to lose weight fast

  1. Put a check on your current eating habit and be determined to work on it.
  2. Be committed, real and patience about your weight lose plan.
  3. Dont let the scale take control of your happiness.
  4. Include nuts as parts of your main dish.
  5. Eat more of green vegetables to stay fuller.
  6. Skip out processed foods and eat whole foods more often.
  7. Eat lean meats and complex carbohydrates.
  8. Avoid saturated fats and eat healthy fat.
  9. Eat whole food and non-sweetened breakfast cereal.
  10. Don’t deny yourself of nutritious and healthy foods, you need energy for daily activities, but make sure you eat in bits.
  11. Practice daily exercise and eat small portion of food 6 times per day.
  12. Eat more fat burning foods like beans, lentils, citrus, pepper, broccoli and the like.
  13. Eat more vegies and fruits than solid foods.
  14. Take time to read food nutritional information and know what to avoid.
  15. Drink a lot of water on a daily basis; it helps to keep you full.