Losing Weight the Healthy way and keeping it off permanently

Photo of Losing Weight the Healthy way and keeping it off permanently

Losing weight and gaining it back again, is this familiar? You lost weight just a few months after embarking on that rigorous workout and diet routine, the body was getting back in shape, so much like before the kids came; but then then you gained it, like you did before but this time gained even more. Its so frustrating and you wonder how the others do it so effortlessly.

The frustrations are understandable but before throwing in the towel, what if I told you, you got it all wrong with the routines and diet plan? Yes, you read that right. All wrong! As hard as it is to believe, simple truth is this; extreme diets DO NOT WORK! The only thing that happens with those diet is your metabolism is altered so much that you gain back the weight you lost while dieting and you eat more calories to compensate for the lost times. But then, you can lose all that excess weight without feeling deprived by following the tips below.

How to Lose Weight and Keep it off permanently

Keep away tempting unhealthy food from the house if you are serious about losing weight

Need I explain more? We are moved by what we see and in this case, if the junks are kept away, youd have no choice but to feast off the healthy foods you have available. While its might not be totally possible to cut out completely, not-so healthy food itd be awesome if they end up as just treats you enjoy when youre out sometimes.

Eat healthy breakfast

Personally, I eat more on the days I skip breakfast. Talk about counter-productivity. Breakfast remains the most important meal of the day and when you skip breakfast, your body ensures you regain all it missed and you end up eating more calories during the day. According to an American study of people who lost and kept the weight off for at least five years, one thing they all had in common was eating breakfast. For one, breakfast accelerates your metabolism, and then, emphasis is on healthy breakfast. Not doughnuts, ice-creams or diet drinks. Bread (preferably homemade), eggs such as omelette, tea, potatoes chips with a large fruitsalad are all superb choices. Also avoid refined sweeteners; honey is a grand alternative and possibly the healthiest alternative.

Lose weight by refraining from counting the calories.

Eat foods that nourish your body. While a fat-free, sugar- free food might top expectations from a weight-loss diet, remember it is also nutrient free. It most likely will not keep hunger away for long compared to nutrient-rich foods like vegetables, grains, lean meats and healthy fats. As you practice eating healthy with the right physical activities, your body rewards you with a natural healthy weight.

Involve friends and family in your goal of losing wieght

Taking a decision to lose weight is completely commendable, Im proud of you. But you know the other people elated about your decision? Family and friends! Definitely sure theyd do anything to encourage you. Enlist them to eat healthier with you. It is so much easier when it becomes a team effort plus they reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with you.

Keep the veggies and fruits nearby

Always have the veggies and fruits washed, cut and ready for grabbing like you would a snack. This way, its so much easier to just reach for them when hungry instead of that giant size pack of chips. Plus, you can easily throw them into your bag on your way out. That way, you have no need for snacks and you save money while cutting out a potential calorie source.

Drink more water please

Remember how Angie from the movie Baby Mama screamed after Kate handed her a beverage(water) she had thought to be one of her many fizzy drinks, well it may have been just a movie, but we have plenty Angies who may need a lot of tutoring to actually understand a beverage; diet or not can never suffix for water. And whats more, these sweetened drinks keep you craving sweets. Its not unusual for lovers of this drink to reward themselves with too much calories throughout the day. Instead of the fizzies, drink iced teas on hot days or plain water with a squeeze or two of lemon.

Eating fruits help you to lose weight
Eating fruits help you to lose weight


To Lose weight, you must learn to enjoy eating theveggies

Growing up, it took a lot of yells from mum before we grudgingly ate our veggies. While the temptation of eating a cooked meal can be unbearable sometimes, a live meal containing at least 60% of veggies would have your body singing in appreciation. Fill half that plate with low/non starch veggies like broccolicauliflowergreen peppersleafy greens like lettuce and some fruits. Fill one quarter, with starchy vegetables like potatoes, brown rice (strongly recommend staying off white rice) or beans. Fill up the last quarter with protein like boiled fish, chicken or turkey but without the skin. There you have it, a balanced meal in one plate and the large vegetable serving takes up a large chunk of what would have been cooked meal.

Jump the ropes

Not necessarily rope jumping but any physical activity that could aid your weight loss goals, start slowly with small amounts of physical activity each day. You could start by taking brisk walks in the morning for 30 minutes or even jump the ropes, but make sure you keep it simple as starting off with a complicated routine would only make you lose interest in the long run. As you start to lose weight and gain more energy, youll find it less daunting to become more physically active. In all, whatever exercise routine you chose, it has to be something you enjoy, not because your digital keep-fit buddies do it so effortlessly.

Talk yourself through it

Observe the positive efforts daily and compliment yourself. Remind yourself of how successful you were at choosing a healthy salad plate instead of that insanely glazed pie. Then congratulate yourself on it. The more pat on the back you give yourself for doing well, the more zeal youll have to keep doing it. No matter how many falls you have along the way, never beat yourself over it. Remind yourself after every fall that tomorrow is a new day to get it right.

While it is recognized that excessive weight gain could also be the direct result of emotional eating, identifying the triggers can make a world of difference in your quest to lose weight. And thus, if you find out you eat more while:
– Lonely or bored- reach for others; friends or family instead of the refrigerator. Go for a walk or even call that really funny friend to make you laugh till you hurt. Or even better, you could take the dog for a long walk and that makes two healthy persons.
– Stress- 
Aside eating, there are other rewarding ways to combat stress. One of such is having a friend or family give you a nice back massage. Meditations and even a revitalizing warm bath can do so much good.

In losing weight,understand this journey is life long, and consistency is essential to staying on track in losing weight the healthy way. That said, no matter how many times you get off your mark, remember you can always bounce back. Keep in mind too that in managing your weight, physical activities should be proportional to calories consumed.