Monetary Policy Tools, Examples, and Types

The central bank uses monetary policy to reduce inflation by making money less available, influencing the rate at which people want to borrow money for investments (interest rates) and how much currency is in circulation (money supply). Monetary policy is generally used when fiscal policy fails. The type of policy used by a government gives … Read more

Do bacteria have cell walls?

Nevertheless, the cell wall of bacteria is not like that of plants and other organisms due to the presence of peptidoglycan (also known as murein) which is located immediately outside the cell membrane. The bacteria cell wall is made up of peptidoglycan which makes the cell wall rigid and determines the cell shape. The structure … Read more

Mulchers: Uses and Types of Mulching Machines

What are Mulchers? Mulchers are machines that have the capacity to efficiently produce usable mulch from general vegetation or recycled organic products. Typically, this is done by cutting, shredding, or chopping up organic material into relatively even pieces. The most common and effective organic material used is vegetation. Although, there are now several diverse types … Read more