Watermelon Smoothie: How to make watermelon smoothie recipe

watermelon smoothie recipeWatermelon Smoothie is a healthy and hydrating drink you can make at home. It is sometimes combined with banana or strawberry to thicken it because of the water content of watermelon. Today you will see how to make this refreshing smoothie recipe at home.


How to make watermelon smoothie recipe at home

  • Cut your watermelon and remove the seeds
  • Slice into small sizes and add to the blender
  • Add condensed milk, fresh milk or yogurt, and blend into a smooth puree
  • To thicken it without the need to add extra fruits, do the following procedures below.

How to thicken watermelon smoothie

  • Remove the seeds of watermelon and cut into small sizes
  • Blend into a puree
  • Use a cheesecloth or sieve with fine holes and strain the blended watermelon.
  • Add the strained puree or paste of watermelon into a mixing bowl and mix together with the watermelon smoothie consisting of condensed milk and fresh milk/yogurt. Stir to combine.
  • You can serve it over ice. It is a nice and refreshing drink I love taking; it is healthy.

Health Benefits

  • You can drink this smoothie recipe for weight loss by adding ginger and lemon. No need to add milk or condensed milk or yogurt if you intend it for weight loss.
  • Watermelon smoothie helps to hydrate the body because watermelon contains a high percentage of water.
  • It is a good source of vitamins A and C, especially when combined with other fruits.
  • Watermelon is also rich in magnesium

Other fruits you can combine to make a watermelon smoothie

  • Banana: this helps to thicken the smoothie and also sweeten it as well.
  • Strawberry: adds color to make it even deeply red and thickens your smoothie.
  • Mango: adding mango to your smoothie adds a creamy and smooth taste to it and sweetens it also.

Other fruits can still be added to it depending on the type of flavor, benefit, and consistency you want to get in your smoothie.