Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt, Milk and Ice

Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt, Milk, and Ice

How to make orange banana smoothie recipe with Greek yogurt, milk, ice, and honey. This refreshing summer smoothie recipe is the perfect drink you need on a sunny day to give you the energy you need and also provide you with some vitamins and benefits for your health. Adding Honey to this smoothie improves the health benefit you can derive from the smoothie because honey is a natural sweetener and also has antimicrobial or antibacterial property as well.

The orange provides vitamin C that helps the body reduce blood pressure and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. The pulp of the orange provides the fiber need to aid the digestion of food in the gut.

You can watch the youtube video above to see how to make this simple and easy banana and orange smoothie recipe with your blender at home.


  • 3 ripe Bananas
  • 1/3 cup of fresh organic milk. If you are vegan, you can still use coconut milk, oats, or almond milk to make this refreshing banana smoothie recipe.
  • 1/3 cup of yogurt. Greek yogurt is better but any type of yogurt is okay. Even vegan yogurt can still be used.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten the smoothie. If you are making this for your kid or toddler who is less than 1 year, do not add honey. Use only the sweet orange juice.
  • 1 Orange

Steps on How to Make Orange Banana Smoothie

  • Wash your banana and orange with clean water in a bowl.
  • Cut the banana into small sizes into the blender to make it easier for blending.
  • Peel the orange completely and remove the seeds.
  • Add your milk, yogurt, ice cubes, honey, and peel orange into the blender and blend until you have a smooth and creamy consistency.
  • Pour into a glass cup and enjoy your Orange banana smoothie. It is sweet and refreshing.

Your kid or baby will love it; children generally love sweet drinks and this is healthy for them, being a good source of potassium and vitamins. Just make sure not to add honey to a child that is less than 1 year (12 months of age).
This can be taken for breakfast; it makes a great start for the day, giving you the energy you want and helps with weight loss when taken as breakfast only; it has fewer calories if no sugar is added to it. Therefore, this is a simple and easy breakfast recipe you can try when you want to lose weight.


  • Banana is rich in potassium and helps replace potassium loss in malnourished children.
  • The fiber in banana and orange aids in digestion since the orange pulp was blended together with the banana. You cannot get this benefit if you are using orange juice instead of blending with the whole orange pulp.
  • Orange is a source of vitamin C which helps with wound healing.
  • Milk is a source of calcium if you are using animal milk and not plant-based milk.

You can make this healthy banana smoothie for our kids, toddlers, or the whole family. It can be made for children having malnutrition or having diarrhea because the rich potassium in banana helps to replace the potassium loss in malnutrition or diarrhea.

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