Jos North Local Government Area, Jos Plateau state

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Photo of Jos North Local Government Area, Jos Plateau state

Demographic Characteristics of Jos North Local Government Area

Jos North Local Government Area(LGA) of Plateau state is one of its seventeen Local Government Areas and its main metropolitan. It extends over an area of 291kmwith a total population of 429,300, projected from the 2006 National Population and Housing Census, with 266,66 (62%) being urban dwellers and 163,134 (38%) rural dwellers.In 2009,the National Population Commission estimated population of Jos North LGA as 439,217 comprising of 220,856 males and 216,361 females. It was estimated that 3000 pregnancies occurred per annum.

Jos North LGA shares boundaries to the west with Bassa LGA, to its North with Toro LGA of Bauchi state, to its East with Jos East LGA and Jos South LGA southward.

Political structures in Jos North

Political wards in Jos North

Jos North LGA was created in 1987 with twenty political wards:

  1. Tafawa Balewa
  2. Aba Nashehu
  3. Ahwol
  4. Alikazaure
  5. Angwan Rogo/Rimi
  6. Gangare
  7. Garba Daho
  8. Ibrahim Katsina
  9. Jenta Adamu
  10. Jenta Apata which shares boundaries with Katako Market
  11. Jos Jarawa
  12. Kabong
  13. Lamingo
  14. Mazah
  15. Naraguta A
  16. Naraguta B
  17. Rigiza/Targwong
  18. Sarki Arab
  19. Tudun Wada
  20. Vander Puye

Traditional structures of Jos North LGA

Ethnic Groups in Jos North

Jos is an administrative and cosmopolitan city consisting of diverse ethnic groups including:

  1. Berom
  2. Anaguta
  3. Mwaghavul
  4. Rukuba
  5. Ngas
  6. Irigwe.

There are also Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo and other minorities. Civil service, farming, small scale business are the predominant occupation and majority of the population are members of the Christianity or Islam religions.

Plateau State” src=”–Jos-North-LGA-Plateau.jpg” alt=”Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos North LGA, Plateau State” />
Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos North LGA, Plateau State


Hospitals in Jos North LGA

In Jos North LGA there are:

  1. Twenty nine (29) Primary Health Care (PHC) centers, one of which isTownship PHC located on Pankshin Street adjacent Rwang Pam Stadium in Tafawa Balewa ward,the PHC clinic has five sections including Antenatal Care which records about 1,500 new pregnancy visits each year. The clinic operates from Monday to Friday between 8 oclock am and 4 oclock pm.
  2. Plateau Specialist Hospital
  3. Jos University Teaching Hospital which is located in Lamingo ward
  4. Over 40 private institutions including Bingham University Teaching Hospital, Our Lady of Apostle Hospital, Faith Alive Foundation.