Wase Rock: Location, Type of Rock, Uses and Pictures

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Photo of Wase Rock

Wase Local government is one of the seventeenth local government areas in Plateau state. It is located in southern Plateau and has a settlement of Tarok, Hausa, Jagien and Fulani, the town has a population of 125,000 people as of 2003, and it covers about 1750 km ofPlateau state. Wase Rock is a rare geological feature. A unique volcanic plug has extended the crystalline basement complex that is under this region.

The magnetic ejection that formed the volcanic dome of Wase rock was very viscous and could not spill far before solidification. This resulted in the dome shaped formation with very steep sides and the dome shaped rocky inselberg is one the most beautiful out of only five in the world; gaseous escape from the solidified rock gave rise to the holes on the Wase rock which the rosy pelican bird migrates from east Africa into it as their main breeding ground.

Wase rock is an inselberg which rises up to 350 meters (1,150ft.) above plain of Wase town and its land, as covering of 321 hectares (790 acres) of Land. This rock can be viewed from a far distance of about 25 miles away (40km) because of its significant height.

Initially, the rock was held as a temple (a worshiping site for the Kukun tribe of Tarok in Wase), until gazette 1972 by the government of Plateau state ordered that thelands surrounding therock should be left vacant and to be used for tourist attraction and for revenue generation. Many physical and chemical weathering takes place on this rock which has resulted to presence of screens at the base of the rock.

The Wase rock, when viewed seems to be divided into two and it is believed that with time, degradation process will force the collapse of one part of the rock. The rock has a crystalline nature and tends to be divided due to exfoliation. It has also been exposed to massive lavas due to exfoliation and massive erosion which makes it takes its current form.

Importance of Wase rock to Wase community

  1. Wase rock has so manyuses, especially to Wase community;it is mainly used for tourist attraction, and tourism makes a major contribution tothe economy of plateau state as a whole.
  2. Wase rock serves as an educational site which provides clues about the history of wase town and the neighbouring villages.
  3. Wase rock undeniably, serves as a protective shield to the nearby communities in Wase. This, this is why many invaders have not been able penetrated its walls, despite various attempts during Jos crisis.
  4. This rock provides useful materials for construction of houses and roads, while creating job opportunity for people nearby.
  5. Wase rock provides shelter for white pelican birds, insects and other animals who may settle on rocks holes.
  6. Farmers make use of the sloppy plane near the base of Wase rock to cultivate local crops such as maize, potatoes and guinea corns, among other local crops.