Kuru Hills in Plateau State

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Photo of Kuru Hills In Plateau State

Inselberg,Mesas and Volcanic dunes are the major types of hills in Plateau StateInselberg mainly consists of granite rocks which have been weakened as a result of degradation process. This is the type of rock formation found in Kuru

Kuruis located in Jos Plateau in the North Central Nigeria; it covers about 2km fromJos Northon the highway that is leading to Abuja, Kaduna and Nassarawa states. Kuru is surrounded by other small semi – developedvillages, hamlets and households very close to each. The population of Kuru is mainlyBerom people and they add up to 4,331 of size.

Kuru Hills

Kuru is made up of villages namely Kuru Secondary, Kuru Village, Kuru Karama (Small Kuru), Kuru Baba (Big Kuru), Kuru Trade centre etc. Apart from the villages, there other intriguing features found in Kuru such as Kuru Hills. Kuru Hill is nearDorowa Gindin Dutse,and Kuru Karama, it has its highest elevation of is 1360km above mean sea level rising above the surrounding land with local relief of less than 300m. The kuru hills are mainly inselberg with younger granite; boulders are seen all around the hills because of geometric processes and the action of mechanical weathering that took place long ago, the distance from the hills to the main road is about 10m long. This hill is not a good conductor of heat and whenever it absorbs heat, it expands hence, as rocks are weathered, they are exposed to erosion and running water.

Eucalptus trees helps to control erosion
Eucalptus trees helps to control erosion


Eucalyptus trees have been planted beneath the rocks to control soil erosionand further washing of the top soil, the existence of these trees on this hill shows that reclamation has ealier taken place in this location. These are exotic plants brought from Australia, they grow well on barren soil, due to the acidic nature of their leaves, they do not decompose easily when they are shaded, the rootsdo not really penetrate deep into the soil and they contribute in breaking down the soil. Eucalyptus serves as awindbreaks and shelterbelts whichprevent damages caused by high winds especially oncrops planted around this area.