How to prepare boiled plantain and vegetable sauce

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Plantain could serve as a substitute to potato whenever there is a need for it; being a nutritious staple food in tropical region of the world, it contains dietary fibre, potassium, vitamins, high in starch and low in sugar content. In addition to these, there are so many ways in which we can prepare plantain such as preparing it into porridgechips, roasted plantain (grilled over charcoal), and boiled plantain eaten with either egg sauce, stew made with tomatoes or with vegetable sauce which is what am going to talk more on.

Although I have written previously on vegetable sauce with tomatoes, there are so many other ways which sauce or vegetable sauce can be prepared. In this case, I used just spinach with the exception of tomatoes or egg to prepare this recipe which I know you will like it if you try it out, all you need are:

Unripe Plantain
Unripe Plantain

1. Fresh spinach

2. Basil or scent leaves

3. Fresh pepper

4. Unripe plantain

5. Crayfish( a handful)

6. Seasoning

7. Vegetable oil

8. Onion

9. Salt to taste.

Boiled Plantain having the peels
Boiled Plantain having the peels

Steps for Cooking Boiled Plantain with Vegetable Sauce

1. wash the unripe plantain, cut into half, and place them into the pot; add water just to cover the plantain peels with a little salt and drop on heat to cook for about 30 minutes

Note: instead of peeling the back, its advisable to cook them with the back (peels) to retain the nutrient content and also to avoid unwanted stains on clothes and hands.

2. Using fork, check from time to time to see if it is well soften, at this point you will notice the peels turning brown and the inside becoming more yellow which shows that it is well cooked. Plantain gets harder when its cooled down, so make sure you cook it to become very soft before bringing it down.

3. Put down from heat and peel it

4. Serve with your vegetable sauce or stew

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Hope you love boiled plantain with vegetable sauce, or is there any other way you prefer making your plantain? Share with us after registering in the comment box below. !