Almond Flour – How to Make Almond Flour at Home

Almond Flour

Almond Flour is gluten-free and can be used as a healthy substitute for all-purpose flour in baking. It can be used for making Pancakes, Cookies, Banana bread, Bread, Biscuits, Brownies, Cakes, Muffins, and Pizza crust. I will show you a very simple way on how to make almond flour at home.
Almonds nutrition is healthy and this makes the flour one of the good flours for making healthy recipes. It has low carbs and calories, no saturated fats, a good option for those on a keto diet. Baking with this flour helps with weight loss and a good option for those looking for gluten-free flour. Below is a Youtube video you can watch to quickly see how this is made.

Table of Contents

Recipes you can make with Almond flour

  • Pancakes
  • Cookies such as chocolate chip cookies
  • Bread such as banana bread
  • Pizza crust and Tortillas
  • Waffles and muffins
  • Cakes and Brownies
  • Keto bread ( it is a good flour to consider in your keto baking recipes)

How to make Almond Flour at Home

  • Almonds are first soaked in water for hours to become soft and make it easier to peel the back. To make it faster for you, hot water could be used which greatly reduces the time it takes the almond nuts to become swollen.
  • After being soft, the back is peeled and the blanched almonds are then dried in the sun or dehydrator.
  • When dried, the nuts are then blended into a smooth flour and sieved with a fine strainer. When blending, ensure you don’t blend too much in order not to turn it into almond butter. It is better you blend for a short time, then sieve and reblend again than to keep grinding for a long time.
  • Once you have your flour, you can sieve using a fine strainer and store in an airtight container. When refrigerated, it can be preserved for up to four months with the lid of the container tightly closed.
  • This was how to make your homemade almond flour


  1. Corn flour (Cornstarch)
  2. Coconut flour
  3. Potato starch
  4. Arrowroot
  5. Tapioca starch

Almond Flour Vs Almond Meal

The difference between almond flour and almond meals is simply the fact that almond flour has been blanched by removal of the brownish back of the almond nuts before grinding into a smooth flour while the almond meal is not peeled but grind into a grainy powder.

Almond meal can still be used for baking but will give a grainy texture to your recipes. When you need your recipe to be smooth, the flour is a better substitute than the meal.