Powdered Sugar Substitute: 5 Substitutes for Confectioners sugar (Icing Sugar)

Powdered sugar substitute confectioners' sugar substitute or icing sugar substitutePowdered sugar substitute can be made at home easily when you run out of sugar powder. Whatever you want to use your confectioners’ sugar (or Icing sugar) for, there is a close replacement or alternative for it that you can use when icing cakes or any recipe that calls for sugar powder.  Below are the substitutes for powdered sugar used in baking and sugar recipes. Powdered sugar is the same as Icing sugar or Confectioners’ sugar and therefore these substitutes apply for all the names.

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Confectioners sugar substitute without cornstarch

When you don’t have cornstarch or you simply don’t want it when making your homemade confectioners sugar, you can simply blend granulated sugar in your coffee grinder until you have a smooth sugar powder. You then sieve the powdered sugar and use it as a confectioners’ sugar substitute. This powdered sugar needs to be used immediately, trying to store this without cornstarch will cause the sugar powder to clump. If you don’t want it to clump but prefer other substitutes for the cornstarch, then you can use potato starch as your anti-caking agent.

Powdered sugar substitute for sugar

When looking for a replacement for sugar in powdered sugar, there are many options, one of such is products whose main ingredient is sucralose. An example of such a product is Splenda which is a stable sweetener even at high temperatures and tastes like sugar but is calorie-free. It can be used for sweetening hot drinks and baking without sugar. Sucralose is not good for making yeast bread.

Add one cup of granulated sucralose (Splenda) with 1 tablespoon of corn flour and blend into a smooth powder. Sieve with a fine-pore strainer to have a smooth confectioners sugar substitute that you can use for your icing or frosting and for the dusting of candies or doughnuts.

Caster sugar as Icing sugar substitute

Baker’s sugar or Caster sugar is simply granulated sugar that has been turned into powder. It can dissolve easily compared to granulated sugar because it does not have added starch. When compared with powdered sugar, caster sugar has a larger particle size than powdered sugar. You can use caster sugar for baking, in making meringue and for making drink recipes.

Hot Cocoa Mix

It is a very good substitute for confectioners’ sugar; especially when the color of a recipe is not an option or when chocolate is needed in your recipe. To make a substitute for sugar power with Hot cocoa mix; simply add the amount you want to use into a blender and blend into a smooth powder and use.

Snow powder

This is also called snow sugar, and it does not melt as icing sugar. It is used for decorative purposes on cakes. I can be made by mixing a cup of glucose with 2 tablespoons of tapioca starch, arrowroot or cornstarch, and 1 tablespoon of titanium dioxide. Snow sugar is most useful for recipes that need refrigeration. It is however not as sweet as powdered sugar.

With these substitutes for confectioner sugar, powdered sugar, or icing sugar; you can choose a replacement to use in your recipe depending on your need.