Boiled Peanuts Recipe: How to make Boiled Peanuts

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Boiled Peanuts in a Pot

What are boiled peanuts?

Boiled peanuts are fresh raw peanuts (also known as green peanuts) that have been heated by boiling in hot water. When boiled, they become soft due to the cooking with water, making them sweeter to eat, softer, and taste better than eating raw.

No need to look for boiled peanuts near you because you can easily make them at home for eating a snack or you can make them for sale. Peanuts are good for you because they are great sources of protein and fats.

What to use for boiling peanuts?

You can boil peanuts in crock pot, a slow cooker, pressure cooker, instant pot, in a pan on a stovetop, or simply use a Can than is capable of being heated. If you love them spicy, you can season with Cajun seasoning while boiling the peanuts. Cajun boiled peanuts taste great but it is an optional way of boiling peanuts.

Nutrition of Boiled Peanuts

When boiled with their shells intact, the calories are different from the peanuts that were boiled without the shells. According to the USDA, a cup of boiled peanuts with the shells intact provides 200 calories compared to when their shells were removed before boiling which gives 572 calories.

Carbs in boiled Peanuts

A cup of peanuts in their shells after boiling has 13 grams of carbs which form 4% of daily recommended value.

Other Nutrients in 1 cup

There are 14 grams of fats with 125 calories. The fats provide 22% of Daily Value (DV). It has 1.9 grams of saturated fat. It has no cholesterol.

Sodium is about 473 mg and makes 20% of daily value; potassium is 113 mg. Dietary Fiber is 5.5 grams which make 22% of the daily value.

Protein makes 8.5 grams. Micronutrients include Calcium and Iron. It contains no vitamins.

Side effects

Eating too many peanuts is bad for you because they can cause headaches due to their high-fat content. Peanuts have many calories and therefore not good for those that want to lose weight. It may exacerbate cough, therefore not good for people with a cough. Some people develop allergies to peanuts in general and therefore will have allergic reactions when eaten.

How to make boiled peanuts

  • Wash your fresh raw peanuts (green peanuts) in clean water several times
  • Add them to a pot of water and place on medium or high heat
  • Make sure the water covers the peanuts completely
  • Allow them to cook for 30 minutes; you can pick and taste to see if it is soft. When soft, turn off the heat.
  • Transfer the hot boiled peanuts into a colander to drain the water
  • Allow the hot peanuts to cool off

Don’t make the peanuts too salty because the salt needs to just improve their taste. Half a teaspoon of salt to a medium pot of peanuts will do.

How to eat boiled peanuts

You simply eat them by opening the shell and eating the fleshy part of the peanuts. Babies who cannot chew should not be given peanuts because it can choke them. Dogs cannot eat boiled peanuts directly because of the nature of their dentition. They need it mashed into a paste or made like peanut butter or peanut butter cookies. You can also make peanut soup for the dog or simply make pudding with peanuts and give it to the dog.