Oregano Tea: How to make Oregano tea from leaves of Oregano plant

homemade oregano teaOregano Tea is a healthy and beneficial tea made from the leaves of the oregano plant. It has many health benefits; this tea is good for cough, weight loss, colds, asthma, and lung problems. You can make this at home with oregano tea bags or with the fresh oregano leaves or dried leaves. This tea recipe is also good for babies above 6 months of age who have colds or cough and can ease symptoms for them especially at night.

Benefits –  what is oregano tea good for?

You can get the benefits of Oregano by drinking the tea just the same as using oregano oil or using the leaves for cooking. It all depends on what you want. The following are some of the health benefits.
1. For the treatment of sore throat
2. To relief cough
3. Stops nausea
4. Improves digestive problems
5. Reduces the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome
6. It has strong antioxidant properties
7. When combined with lemon and ginger, oregano tea helps with weight loss. Taking a dose of 2 cups (morning and evening) mixed with ginger and lemon is effective for weight loss.
8. It reduces the frequency of asthma and other lungs related symptoms


  1. Fresh organic oregano leaves from the oregano plant are better for making the tea; however, the dried leaves of the oregano plant can be used as well. I had the dried leaves and they are what I used in this tea recipe. The process for making the tea with the fresh and dried leaves are the same.
  2. Fresh Ginger roots – you can use the dried ginger roots or ginger powder.
  3. Lemons – the juice can be squeezed and used. Some people may slice it with the back but this makes the tea bitter. I used lemon juice instead.
  4. Honey – for sweetening the tea. You can use sugar but I preferred honey because of its antibacterial effect.

Steps on How to Make Oregano Tea

  • Mince your ginger roots or grate the ginger so that more of the content can be extracted during the boiling process. Please note that adding ginger is optional, you can still get the benefits of oregano without adding ginger. The ginger helps with weight loss and has its own health benefits.
  • If you are using fresh oregano leaves, chop the leaves into smaller sizes, but if you are using the dried leaves, crush them to tiny pieces; the essence is to make the contents to be infused into the water easily.
  • Place a pot on heat and add 1 cup of water to the pot. Allow the water to boil
  • When the water starts to boil, add your oregano leaves and the ginger powder or fresh minced ginger to the pot.
  • Allow boiling for 10 minutes more
  • Turn off heat and strain using a sieve into a jar; also squeeze your lemon juice and stir.
  • Add your sweetener, in my case, I used Honey.
  • Your Oregano Tea is ready.

You can soak the dried leaves in cold water for some hours before boiling, the advantage of this is that it will extract more of the contents in the oregano leaves without overheating or destroying any nutrient in it. The disadvantage is that it takes time.

The same steps of making oregano tea with the leaves of the oregano plant can be done with the oregano tea bags; the difference is that for the tea bags, you use 1 tea bag per cup of tea but with the crushed leaves, you need two or three tablespoons per cup.

Oregano Tea side effects

There is rarely any side effect this tea; even with much consumption of more than four cups in a day, you may just experience some stomach upset. In rare cases, some people may be allergic to drinking oregano tea.