Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe: Chewy, Easy

Easy, Soft, Chewy Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe is an easy snack recipe you can make at home to enjoy with your vanilla pudding. Today, I will show you how to make chocolate chip cookies recipe that is chewy and soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. This is the best homemade chocolate chip cookies recipe you can easily make. It taste nice and your kids will love this type of chocolate cookies even more than the popular brands you buy at the stores like the Nestle chocolate chip cookies.

Table of Contents

Chocolate chip cookies ingredients

  • 1 cup of flour – you can use almond flour, cornstarch (corn flour), oats, coconut flour, or any flour of choice. Almond flour, rice flour, and cornstarch are good for making gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.
  • 1/3 tablespoon of baking soda: this is necessary to make our cookies soft and airy; when you omit baking soda or you add little, your chocolate cookies will not rise and would rather become flat when you bake them.
  • 1/4 cup of Brown sugar: you can substitute brown sugar with honey or you can simply do without brown sugar, but it will not be chewy because brown sugar helps makes it chewy and gives it a structure; the taste will not be as that with brown sugar too because. Brown sugar also adds some healthy nutrients to your cookies recipe because it was made with blackstrap molasses that is packed with a lot of nutrients.
  • A pinch of salt – since we are using salted butter, no need to add much salt.
  • 1/3 cup of white granulated sugar to sweeten our cookies.
  • 120 grams of salted butter: you can melt on the heat until you have brown butter – this is to make the chocolate chip cookies to become brownish. If you don’t like this, no need to heat the butter for long. You can use coconut oil instead of butter. For vegan chocolate chip cookies, you can use peanut butter to substitute the regular butter made from milk.
  • A teaspoon of Vanilla flavor: other flavors such as banana flavor or strawberry can do as well.
  • 1 large egg.

How to make chocolate chip cookies

1.  Making Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough

  • Simply add your melted salted butter into a mixing bowl and add the egg, vanilla flavor, white granulated sugar, and brown sugar together and whisk to combine. You can use an electric mixer.
  • Then start pouring the flour, a little at a time, and keep stirring or mixing with your hand or an electric mixer until you have a stretchy and a little firm chocolate chip cookies dough.
  • You can also use a cake mix as your dough by just adding chocolate chips to your cake mix.

2. Refrigerating the cookies dough

When you refrigerate the chocolate cookies dough, it makes them firm and improves the taste and flavor of the chocolate. I usually refrigerate for at least 2 hours before I start baking the chocolate cookies. The longer you refrigerate, the more the flavor and taste.

3. Baking the cookies

Before you start baking your chocolate cookies, always preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and then bake for 14 minutes. Remove after 14 minutes and allow to air dry on a wire rack.

If you can don’t have chocolate chips, you can easily crush some chocolate bars and use them.

Nutritional Facts and Calories

30 grams of chocolate chip cookies contain about 148 calories. The total fat content is 7.4 grams while sodium is 93 mg. Dietary fiber is 0.6 grams while sugar accounts for 9.9 grams. It also contains about 1.5 grams of protein.
Potassium makes up 51 mg and Iron is 2 mg – gotten from the brown sugar that was used. Therefore, eating 100 grams gives you about 488 calories.

What to eat with your homemade chocolate chip cookies?

You can eat this sweet cookies recipe with pudding, especially vanilla pudding or you can just take it with a cup of coffee; it makes a perfect breakfast recipe that you can quickly bake since the bake time is just 14 minutes.

The leftovers can be refrigerated; they can be tossed into the microwave anytime you like to eat them again.

Other Cookies Recipes

  1. Sugar cookies recipe – these are made with sugar being the main ingredient. They have many calories and eating much is not healthy.
  2. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – made using oats, they have much fiber and are healthier and also taste better. Oatmeal chocolate cookies are the best of all cookies recipe that I have tasted because they have fewer calories compared to typical cookies. This type of cookies made with oats is high in fiber and a good option for those who still love eating snacks but are conscious of their weight; it has low carbs and high fiber.
  3. Pumpkin cookies – if you love soft and chewy cookies, try making them with pumpkin puree. You get all the health benefits of pumpkin plus it is gluten-free and has fiber.
  4. Double chocolate chip cookies – in this, the amount of chocolate is doubled. It has a darker color and much sweeter.