How To produce Liquid Bleach (whitener) for laundry

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Bleach is a chemical agent which is used to remove colour,whiten clothes and disinfect surfaces such as bathrooms,toilet,kitchen, cupboard, floors etc by the process of oxidation. Oxidizing bleach works by breaking downthe chemical bonds that makes up chromophores .A chromophore on the other hand is a group of atoms within a molecule which are responsible for the colour of the molecule. a chromophore adds colour to a molecule because of the nature of the atoms involved and the way they are bonded with each other.

Bleach contains 5.25% solution of sodium hypochlorite added in 94.75% water. The process bywhich bleach whitens clothes is called oxidation. There are different types of bleach such as: – chlorine bleach: this contains hypochlorite;– oxygen bleach: this contains hydrogen peroxide .

How Does Chlorine Bleach Works? –

  • Bleach works by attacking chromophores and breaking them up when the oxygen molecule in the chemical is released.
  • Bleach is effective in killing bacteria,fungi, viruses, and mold.
  • Bleach contains hypochloric acid that acts as strong oxidizing agent
  • Bleach breaks down larger stains into smaller colourless stains,these smaller stains are often washed away easily when detergent (scrub) is added to the fabric or when being washed with laundry washing machine.

General Uses Of Bleach

  • Bleach is used to remove stain and brighten white and none coloured laundry
  • It is used to remove stain from mugs, cups,plate and other kitchen utensils.( When used on kitchen utensil, be sure to rinse the items well and it should be diluted before usage).
  • Bleach is used as household chemical for disinfecting bathrooms, kitchen cupboards,shelves and door handles.
  • It is used for sanitizing swimming pools to control bacteria,viruses,fungi and algae.
  • Iit is used for removing mildew and molds which may be hidden in damp places.
  • It is used to remove stain from cutlery and cookery

Ingredients for the production of bleach

  • Caustic soda 1/2 cup
  • Soda ash 1 cup
  • Chlorine 1 cup
  • Water 5 litres

materials needed for the mixing of bleach

  • Face mask
  • Long sleeves
  • hand glooves
  • Wooden turner
  • 2 Medium bowls

Production process of bleach

  1. Get a clean container and add clean water into it.
  2. Dilute caustic soda in the water (Mix ingredients in an open environment to avoid inhalation of toxic fumes and wear gloves and protectiveclothings while mixing bleach).
  3. Add soda ash and mix gently.
  4. Measure chlorine and add. Stir till you achieve a homogenous mixture ( chlorine and caustic soda solution will react to form hypochlorites bleach.
  5. When that is achieved, cover and keep for 24 hours for the liquid to clearly separate from suspended particles.
  6. Decant to remove impurities then package into different plastic containers with fitted lids.for home use or for sale.
  7. Clearly label and safely store out of reach of children

Note: Hydrogen peroxides can be used in place of sodium hypochlorite (non toxic bleach) to be on the safer side

Harmful Effects of Bleach

  • Chlorine gas when release could results in nose and throat irritation in humans
  • Thegas released from chlorine could cause destruction of some beneficial organisms like bacteria,virus and fungi.