Lamingo, Jos Plateau – A good place to start up a business

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Photo of Lamingo, Jos Plateau - A good place to start up a business

Brief description of Lamingo

Lamingo is a small town in Jos, which is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria among others such as Lagos, Ibadan, Calabar and Kano. Together these 5 cities are very important in Nigeria for many reasons some of which are Commerce, Population, Weather, Entertainment and Intellectual opportunities.
For a large city such as Jos, one might wonder if there could be available space for starting a business especially if the business requires a large land. It might surprise you that Jos plateau still has some places that are not yet occupied and there are still plain lands that could be use to start up structures for your business. Since the word “JOS” does not specify what Local government one might be referring to, I would like to clarify them as I write.

Dual lane of Lamingo road
Dual lane of Lamingo road


There is Jos North Local government, Jos SouthLocal government and Jos EastLocal government. These three local government areas together make up Jos; but because Jos North is the capital of Plateau state, people often refer to “Jos North” as “Jos”.

Location of Lamingo

Lamingo is a small area in Jos North L.G.A of Plateau state Nigeria. It is the coldest part of Jos because the highest point of Jos Plateau (Shere Hills) is located in this area. Ithas a flat terrain with some rocks seen in isolation and in groups bounding this area.

Accessibility of road networks

Lamingo road
Lamingo road


There are about three major routes that give access to lamingo and the good thing is that all these three routes are well tarred and one road has street lights that gives access to those coming directly from town into itat night. The major route is along the Liberty Dam road. The liberty dam road links ‘British-American Junction‘ to Lamingo and also links theBauchi Ring road; together the british american route joins with the bauchi ring road to form a place called the “Lamingo Junction”. This junction forms the start of the Liberty Dam road till it gets to the Liberty Dam. This Dam supplies water to most parts in Jos North. From the liberty dam junction, a route diverts to Rayfield area of Jos and another diverts into Fobur area of Jos East local government. Hence, from Fobur Village and Rayfield, you can get into Lamingo; these two routes both meet at the liberty dam, forming the liberty dam junction.

The Afizere Arena in Lamingo used for Afizere festival and meetings
The Afizere Arena in Lamingo used for Afizere festival and meetings


Favourable factors of development

Lamingo is a beautiful prospective and promising area for business of all kinds but yet this has not been known by many people. I would like to expatiate on the business opportunities that lie in it.

What are the factors needed to establish a business?

  1. Accessibilty to Market:Whatever you intend to produce and transport out of here, you already have well constructed roads that you could get your raw materials from town and process and resale again in town. The transportation does not take more than 15 minutes drive to get intoTerminus( the business area in Jos ). If you are considering accessibility of road, just forget about that because it has street lights that use solar panels as source of power and so even if your car has no head lamps, you can still get homeeven at night and more over, the road from terminus tobritish american junctionto liberty dam road and into lamingo has a been dualised, hence this is a good place for a business start up.
  2. Availability of Large areas of land:itstill has large areas of land that have not been used and you could get them at affordable prices. Another good factor is that there are still available lands along the road and these could be use for building shopping complexes, shops, filling stations and many more.
  3. Peace and Comfortability:The people living in this areaare peace loving people and they are very welcoming. They are the Afizere people and have been known for their friendly nature; hence your business is in safe hands. It may surprise you to know that during the Jos crises, there hasn’t been any record of the Afisere killing any muslim or christian in their area.
  4. The chilling and cold weather makes one very comfortable so as to be able to maximize his/her potentials for effective production compared to hot weather that are harsh and cause distractions and irritation leading to less productiveness. Hence even if you are the type that does not like cold, your cardigans can keep you warm.
  5. Availability of Water and Electricity: Availability of good source ofWater has been a problem in Jos especially aroundAngwan Rukubawhere many people are seen queuing up for tap water that is not always available; but the case is different herewhere the liberty dam serves as the source of the water for distribution to other places in Jos. The Wells as sources of water do not run dry even during the dry season when there is no rain, hence you have access to water for personal use at home or for industrial use.
  6. Also, there is a good supply of Electricity which is the same just like any other place in Jos and most of the Solar distribution and construction companies are located along its waysuch as Glotek Company that makes solar panels.
  7. Human Labour:If you are looking for human labour, you will not lack because there are agile and hard working youths and even the women work like men, so this would not be a problem.
Living Faith Church Sign post by White House, Lamingo
Living Faith Church Sign post by White House, Lamingo


What would you need to start a business that is not found in here? The only missing thing is that you have not started a business in this area yet.

Some Prominent Offices found in Lamingo include:

  • Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH – this is where the permanent site of the hospital is located and all departments of this hospital have been moved here with only the Psychiatry department which has not completely move from the temporary site in Terminus.
  • National Identity Management Commission, NIMC Office where you do your National Identity Card.
  • The National Human Rights Commission office where you can report all cases of Human rights abuse. This office is directly opposite the NIMC office.
  • The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA barracks is also located here.
  • Citizenship and Leadership Training Center
  • Gwash Military Barracks

Indeed, Lamingo is a very conducive environment for the location of businesses especially those that require vast land.