How To Make Synthetic And Natural Air Freshener

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Imagine that you have a well furnished house with good furniture, nice cottens and complete kitchen utensils butyou are struggling with bad air maybe from the refrigerator, trash bin, toilet bathroom and kitchen sinks;there seemnot be any friendly air around the house and probably, the floors and tables are not that safe for the kids to roll around, simply because they were not disinfected or mopped with an antiseptic disinfectant (Dettol). Don’t you think that a house that is stuffy and dampenedcould make you and the kids feel moody?.Even the visitors that visit,could feel un-welcome because of the atmosphere around the house. For this reasons, you need to always give your house a nice and frienly perfume-like scentby springling or dropping few bottles of air freshener at the corners of the room, cushion, under the fridge and even inside your car, this will make every one around you feel loved andwelcome with beautiful smiles on thier faces whenever they come close to you.

Air fresheners are widely used in our homes,offices,restaurants,hotels, rest rooms (toilets) for elimination of unwanted odour. Air fresheners come in different forms such as spray,candle wax,gels,block,beads,powdered and liquid forms The following are the chemicals use in producing the non-natural air freshener.

Chemicals for making synthethic Air freshener

  1. Texapol-This is an emulsifier used for stabilizing the mixture.
  2. Methanol-Thisis a light, colorless, volatile alcohol.This chemical serves as the solvent that dissolves other chemicals found in air freshener which are insoluble in water.
  3. Menthol- Also known as peppermint is a compound from herbal volatile oils that has many potential health benefits. Menthol serves as an Anti-inflammatory and flavouring agent in air freshener. It comeswhite or clear colour.
  4. Fragrance-This is what gives the aromatic scent to your air freshener. you can increase or moderate the quantity in your air freshener.
  5. Colourant- Itis used to make the mixture attractive. It comes in powdered form and with various colours such as blue, green, red, yellow and pink, just to mention a few.

Ingredients and measurementfor the production 1 litre of air freshener

  • Methanol, 1Cup
  • Texapon,3 Tablespoonful
  • Menthol,2 Tablespoons
  • Colour as Desired
  • Fragrance as desired
  • Water. 1litre
  • emty jars which can be gotten from the people selling these chemicals

Directions on how to produceAir freshener

  1. Dissolve menthol in the methanol,mix gently till the crystal begins to clear. Cover with clothe or ruber andleave it for 5 minutes.
  2. Dissolve texaponwith a little water and pour into the methanol solution then stir properly but gently.
  3. Add water before adding colour and perfume. Stir slowly.
  4. Add colourant to tint your mixture,stirring gently.
  5. Add fragrance and stir,leave it for 4 hourshours, then package it into a squirt bottles.for home use or get print your product name and place on the bottle for sales.
  • If you are preparing this for commercial use, you would have to increase the quantity of the air freshener to meet your demand.
  • If the air freshener is too concentrated, you can dillute it with water to a moderate concentration.

Note:chemical like methanol have toxic fragrance which can lead to permanent blindness or death,if you are allergic to this chemicals or have an asthmatic patient at home its better to stay away from synthetic air freshener as it tends to worsen the health of suchindividual or even yours and your pets.

The best alternative to the synthetic air freshener is –

  • Always open your widows wether during heat andcold season or use light cottons for your doors and windows so as to allow fresh ventilation to flow inside your house.
  • Try always to change your garbage containers to a new one or empty and wash them properly in other to eliminate unpleasant odour. Better still if you are really a fragrance loving individual, you may switch over to making thissimple NATURAL Air Freshenersusing tree extracts (Essential oils).

Essential oils when usingthem to produce natural air freshener, do not only bring out aromatic scent, but also help in creating good mood and also have great health benefits to an individual.

Some of the essential oils andtheirbenefits are as follows:

  1. Lemon-Serves as an antibacterial,astrigent, and is used for skin care
  2. Eucalyptus-These plants are environmental friendly used for decoration, control of erosion ,shades,wind break in some places. It also serves as antiseptic,ant-inflammatory and stimulant.It can rubbed on the chest to ease difficult breathing and congestion.
  3. Rosemary-Helps to improve memory,stimulates mine and hair growth and helps in respiratory problems,it also acts as anti-carcinogen(Anti-cancer)
  4. Tea tree-Can be use for healing of wounds,massaging of scalps,and to stimulate hair growth. It also serves as an anti-bacterial/-viral/-microbial.
  5. Lavender-Serves as anti-inflammatory,antiseptic;it helps in healing headache,aids sleep(insomnia) and relaxation of nervous system
  6. Sweet orange-Refreshes and relaxes the mine, boost immunity ,it serves also as an anti-inflammatory, and anti bacterial.

How to use Essential oils

  1. Get a clean spray bottle(glass) with a small opening to avoid evaporation
  2. Fill the bottle with 1/2 cup of water.
  3. Squeeze 1 spoonful of lemon into the jar.
  4. Add 10 drops of either Eucalyptus,rosemary or lavender oil into the glass spray bottle.
  5. Close the lid of the glass bottle and shake it very well to enable the mixture to blend together.
  6. Spray it on any area of the room,you will discover the natural scent it sends across your room.

Note: You can as well create your own blends of air freshener by using any of the essential oils or plant extract that you love most.