Good News on Copyrights and Community Guidelines Strikes for Adsense Publishers

If you have been an adsense Publisher or Youtube Partner, You should be happy with the new changes made by Youtube and Adsense. The Policies have been updated recently and now, publishers and partners can have less heart attack. I was so happy to see this notification on my account.

Copyrights Strikes, Content ID blocks and Community Guideline Strikes on Youtube and Adsense have changed!

How it was before

Initially, if you have monetized your channel on youtube and you have just one strike on that channel, you will loose certain features such as:
– Your ability to post longer videos of greater than 15 minutes.
– Your ability to use custom thumbnails for your videos
– Your ability to monetize your videos
– Your ability to use external annotations
– Your ability toappeal rejected Content ID disputes

Depending on the type of strike, you would loose the above mentioned features on your youtube channel. But this has changed completely.

Here are the changes made:
Once you have a strike, most of your features will be intact and nothing will happen to your channel except your ability to stream live videos. But your account becomes completely terminated when you have 3 strikes on your channel. This could be a double edged sword because you may not take caution at first when you have a strike or two because things may seem normal until you finally get the third strike which leads to termination of your account.
On the other hand, it can be good in the sense that even with a strike, you can continue to grow your channel with your features intact.
We all know initially that someone could mistakenly or purposely claim your video(s) which could lead to your channel having a strike and thereby limiting your channel features. This could be done by your competitators with the aim of destroying your channel, because Youtube initially gives priority to the claimant whether the video that has the strike is your original content or not. But with this changes now, even when you have a strike, you can continue to resolve the strike while your channel remains intact.
We all know what that means, because the penalty for one unresolved strike is 6 months straight – to me, this normally depresses publishers and content creators and could make them lose the zeal they once had; but with this new changes, they have little to worry when they have a strike because they could continue with the appeal process, or the counter claim process or the resolution process without their channels being affected much.

Here is the link to the new google policy: New Copyright strike and Community Guidelines Policies