Recipe On How To Roast Or Fry Groundnuts (Peanuts) with Sand on a Stovetop

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Groundnuts (peanuts) are great snacks for any time of the day; Ihave always been In love with these healthy nuts (groundnuts) since from child hood, as kids,we were always served groundnuts with cabin biscuit in the childrens church and in other traditional events which made me to love these nuts the more. I just discover that there are so much good things about these special nuts such as- they are cheap, they can be used to stop vomit(nausea), they serve as snack, they areis available in every season, you can get it from the kiosk or market or you can even roast it yourself and they are easily digested when eaten.

I hardly go to the market without buying groundnuts (peanuts) back home, sometimes I do wonder why I cant pass those women selling fried groundnuts without pricing it. I have come to accept it that it is the way they have neatly packaged this nuts in a bottle that makes me to keep purchasing it whenever I go to the market.

Groundnuts (peanuts) when roasted or cooked , they often have fantastic flavour and are more preferred to the raw ones and can be served in parties and special events. They can be eaten along with foods such as bread, garri (drinking), garden egg, cabin biscuit, roasted corn. Groundnuts contains protein, fats carbohydrate, vitamin A, B, C, E, copper, foliate, magnesium and fibre.They are commonly used for making flour, gote acha,groundnut soup, kunu-geda (groundnut juice) groundnut cake (kuli-kuli),cookies, peanut butter, African salad, seasoning, and groundnut oil and also the milk is used for making kunu-rice.The butter is even healthy for making smoothiesince it is packed with healthy fats.

Here in Nigeria, there are basically two types of groundnuts (peanuts) , the type that is very fat with white and red marks are commonly used for oil production, and in animal feed while the deep red without white marks are sweeter when roasted and tastier. Since groundnuts are known to play vital role in our healths such as providing healthy heart, treats nose bleeding, heavy menstrual flow, strong bones, and also serve as an anti-aging boot, it should be included in your diets. Simply follow the steps below to learn how to roast (fry) these nuts yourself.

Table of Contents

Three methods of frying goundnuts (peanuts)

There are three things in which you can use for frying of groundnuts peanuts, these are sand (gravels), garri grains and oven(baking). These three methods are good; they will still provide you with the same outcome provided you use the sand or the garri at the right quantity and the oven is adjusted to the right temperature.

  1. The idea on whether to use sand or garri for frying of groundnuts is dependent on individual preference. Garri is mostly preferred to sand when frying groundnuts by some people simply to avoid sand particles sticking to the skin of the nuts after they are fried. you can imagine what it is like to bit sand with your teeth when snacking on groundnuts unknowingly.
  2. While sand is preferred to garri because sometimes the garri can get burnt on high heat, making the groundnuts to burn also. When using garri to fry groundnuts, always make sure that the fire is on a medium setting to enable the groundnuts to fry evenly without getting burnt.
  3. The oven can also be used to roast the nuts by simply spreading the peanuts flat on the baking sheet in one layer after you have sprinkled salt on them. The peanuts should be stirred two to three times in order to get an even roast. The three methods above could take about 20 minutes for the groundnuts to get properly fried.
groundnuts seasoned to taste
groundnuts seasoned to taste


What you need are

  • 3 cups of raw peanuts/groundnuts
  • 1 tbsp of Salt ( optional)
  • Frying pot/pan
  • Wooden spatula (garri turner)
  • Fine sand or gravels
  • Kitchen napkin
a pot containing dry sand
a pot containing dry sand


Steps on how to roast groundnuts

1. Get your groundnut ready after removing the rotten ones out and salt it to your taste by wetting it with a little water. The salt gives them an alluring flavour and should be applied before roasting so as to enable the groundnuts absorb it

2. Get your frying pot on a stove pour the sand into it and allow it to heat up for about 3 minutes.if you are using grains of garri, you will need a cup or more depending on your quantity of groundnuts. follow the same procedure and stir the garri while waiting for it to get hot as it could stick to the pot and burn easily.

Groundnuts being spread on hot sand in a frying pot
Groundnuts being spread on hot sand in a frying pot


3. As it starts to roast, you will hear a pop sound and a changed in colouration from deep red to light brown. keep turning it , it is not yet fried and avoid it getting burnt

  • Please be careful not to harm your skin because both the pot and the peanuts can be very hot. So make sure you use a thick napkin to hold the side of the pot while turning the nuts.

4. Pick out one of the nuts and peel to see if it is golden or brown in colour;if it is still white keep stirring till you get your desired colour and make sure you dont allow it to become so brown because after it is being put off from the fire, the sand will still be hot enoughto cookthe remaining completely while on the floor.

groundnuts on a frying process
groundnuts on a frying process


5. Put off the heat and leave for a while to cool down

6.When its cool, start selecting them from the sand into a dry tray or bowl and let it cool completely.

Groundnuts being peeled
Groundnuts being peeled


7. Start peeling them by rolling the in your palms until all the skin is peel off

8. Allow wind or use your mouth to blow the peeled skins away

Groundnuts being stored in an air tight bottle to prevent air from ruining them
Groundnuts being stored in an air tight bottle to prevent air from ruining them


9. Pour it into an air tight jar or bottle asit is not wise exposing groundnuts to air as it will become dampened and will subsequently loose it taste.

10.Serve with popcorn, garden egg, soaked garri, breador any food of your choice.

groundnuts served with popcorns
groundnuts served with popcorns


WATCH how to Fry Groundnut from the Video below

Please note:Donot eat groundnuts (peanuts) when having cough, it tends to increase the cough.