How To Make Delicious Vegetable Sandwich

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Welcome to 2016!!! Bored of eating the same food everyday? it’s that season of the year to try this super tasty, irresistible cuisine for your health. Trying new food is an ideal way to surprise your taste bud and thereby opening your mind to learning something new and fun. Whether you are in school, street, Cinema show, beach, picnic or local flight;sandwich can be a healthy choice for you this season, all you need arethe right ingredients to experiment with.

Sandwiches are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there are various ways in which they are being prepared all over the world and are irresistablyversatile. When choosing sandwich,whole grain bread is advisable to stick to, because of it’s high fibre content; other breads like flat,sweet ,wheat or yeast bread could be used depending on one’s choice. You can top up your whole grain bread with one or more of these delicious condiments such as:mayonnaisepeanutbutter ( or groundnut), ketchup, margarine etc to enhance the flavour and texture while adding as many vegetables as you like to your sandwich ranging from shredded cucumber, carrots, tomato, cabbage, and lettuce.

Ingredients for making sandwich

  1. 4 sliced whole grain bread
  2. 1 riped tomato
  3. 2 lettuce leaves or cabbage
  4. 2 table spoons of mayonnaise or hard boiled egg
  5. 1 table spoon margarine or avocado wrap
  6. 1 red onion
  7. grounded beef, shredded chicken,sardine (scrambled) orscrambled egg
  8. chilli pepper
  9. salt to taste.

Steps On how to prepare Sandwich

1. Using a bread knife, slice your bread into 4 pieces.

sliced bread with magarine
sliced bread with magarine


2. Arrange the slices of bread on a clean surface;begin by spreading margarine or Avocado evenly over the breads making sure it spreads to the edges

3. Fill it up with grounded meat or sardine (smashed with a fork)

4. Deseed the tomato and thinly slice together with the onions and arrange 2-3 pieces on the surface of the sliced bread, sprinkle with a little salt and chilli pepper to taste

5. Finally, spread the lettuce over the tomatoes,spread mayonnaise over it and top with the remaining piece of bread

6.Toast both side of the bread with a toaster for 3 minutes till it becomes golden

7.Done! Now cut diagonally, using tooth pick to hold them together. you can serve with any chill drink of your choice such as milk orfruit juice etc.

Eat fresh and live fresh!!!

Hope you’ll fine time to make this delicious sandwich at your spare time? Join usto learn more dishes on Jotscroll!!