Who is Rolanda Rochelle and why is she famous?

You might have seen the name Rolanda Rochelle turn up everywhere on social media lately and wondered what the hype s all about. Put your curiosity to rest, and read on to find out who Rolanda Rochelle is and why she is famous.

Rolanda Rochelle recently went viral on Instagram when she posted pictures of herself on her profile. She is African- American and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her real name is Rolanda Wright though she goes by Rolonda Rochelle too. Her main Instagram account is under the name Rogirl.

Her looks recently enthralled fans because she is over 50 but looks 30 despite her white-streaked hair. If anything, they look like the current trend of having silver highlights.

However, Rolanda’s claim to fame doesn’t include just the viral selfies on Instagram. She has also appeared on screen as an actress. She can be seen on one of NBC’s most popular shows ‘Chicago Fire’.

This Thanksgiving, she also has a movie coming out called ‘A Wesley Christmas’ which tells the story of a family that comes together during Christmas time with all their drama, baggage, and love. She was featured in the movie “American Gangster Presents – The Delrhonda Hood Story” as Grandma Tilda.

The movie other than that, most of her long-standing fans discovered her on Kountry Wayne’s comedy youtube skits which.

According to usaperiodical.com, Rolanda Rochelle is a luxury real estate agent. On Instagram, she stresses the importance of self-love, especially as women grow older. This is why she labels herself a pro-aging influencer, among other things.

Many of her posts push women to enhance or style what they have instead of hiding their flaws. One of her posts talks about how she was told to cover up her greys, put on more makeup, and do a bunch of other things to look better.

She responded that she will always “look” younger or older than somebody else. She says that her goal in life is to just feel and be her best self at any age. She said, “I choose not to “look” like everybody else.

Rochelle’s comment about her hair and styling
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God made me different, and grey hair is the natural color of my hair. Therefore, I will not disrupt what He’s blessed me with trying to be like everybody else.” Her man tag for this story was to “do you”.

Many of the commentators are seen to be encouraged by this. There are comments all over her profile where women of all ages are inspired by her style, and vow to not hide the natural color of their hair, exercise more, and become proud of their looks.

She fights against the beauty industry, works for women’s rights and has worked with popular brands like CVS to help bring issues like the Pink Tax to the forefront. According to an article published on investopedia.com, it is imposed on the beauty products that are specially made for females. She works for women’s health and brings light to such issues.

After her pictures went viral as “The Fine A** Grandma”, her social media following blew up, with everyone wondering about the secret of her ageless beauty. Today, she has a combined total of over one million fans from all over the world.

This is because of her pro-age stance that age should be celebrated because not many live past a certain age, so if you are old, that is incredible.

Rolanda is single and proud of it. Along with her fight against the standards of beauty, women are forced to uphold, she is breaking the stereotype of what a fulfilling life looks like. Most people expect at least a husband, but she doesn’t have one.

Instead of shying away from the fact, she shows it off on social media for entertainment, and her followers are hugely entertained by the hilarious reels she posts about not having a husband.

Gaining such notoriety on the internet and having so many people love her content, Rolanda started her own eyewear line. She is seldom seen without her sunglasses, so it makes sense that she has a line of her own now.

More recently, as she focuses on her ideas for women’s wellness, she has started a brand called E3 – Exhale, Explore, and Experience. The brand does special travel excursions for women to help them achieve their wellness and travel dreams at the same time.

In her personal life, Rolanda Rochelle does follow the same advice of never compromising on her dreams. When giving a speech at the Atlanta Sync Camp & Workshop, she talked about becoming a content creator after 50. She loves to eat different types of food but at the same time, she is also conscious about her health.

She drove home the point that no matter how impossible it seems, it is possible for women to be successful and be whatever they want, no matter their ages.

In the speech, she said that she wants to act and sing, despite being over 50, and that she is going to prove to the world that this is indeed possible. Looking at her achievements, one can be sure that she is indeed doing it while inspiring thousands of people.

According to her, the secret of her achievements is being consistent and figuring out who you are because that is what needs to show through your authentic self.

However, the biggest thing she says that helped her through her journey was her willpower to not get discouraged when she failed or when the industry pointed her flaws out and asked her to cover them up all.

Rolanda Rochelle may have become a social media star because of her looks, but she hasn’t stayed at the top of her game by simply having a pretty face. Her wisdom has touched women all around the world.

Her work has truly shined a light on the issues facing the toxic beauty industry, especially for older women, and given them the courage to love themselves. She is more effective than a lot of other big celebrities because she isn’t hiding behind a makeup team and cosmetic surgeries. She is real and is creating space for other women to be real too.