Marshmallow Recipe: How to make marshmallow at home

How to make marshmallow at home

Marshmallow recipe is a type of confectionery that can be made at home with sugar, water, and gelatin as the major ingredients. Marshmallow can be used for making chocolate brownies, potato casserole, gluten-free chocolate cookies, marshmallow fondant, and many other baking recipes. Nothing beat homemade marshmallows, they are far better than store-bought when it comes to texture and flavor. Making your own marshmallow recipe at home gives you the right to determine what goes in and you can cut them into your desired shapes and sizes. When you have them perfectly made, you will find out they are chewy, fluffy, and easily melts in the mouth.

The whole process for the marshmallow recipe is very easy, in fact, you don’t even need some special types of equipment to get the recipe done. To make marshmallows, the ingredients are whipped using a mixer, and air is incorporated into the mixture until it becomes fluffy or until you have a squishy consistency.

Types of marshmallow recipe

There are different types of marshmallows recipe, there are vegan marshmallows that are made without the use of gelatin; agar agar is used to replace gelatin in vegan marshmallows, but the texture will be altered. While there is the non-vegan type made with gelatine. Sometimes lemon juice is added to the marshmallow to increase the stability, but if your barter is properly whisked and air is well incorporated, you may not need to add lemon juice to it.  Some people even add egg white to their marshmallows to make them extra light, fluffy, and a little more manageable. However, these may not last for a longer time like the ones made without egg white. You can watch the video below to see how marshmallow is made from start to finish:

Fluff marshmallow: this is also a topping or a spread similar to marshmallow but differs in some few ingredients. Marshmallow fluff is made with egg whites instead of gelatin and also does not contain lemon juice. Marshmallow fluff is also called soapwort meringue because it was traditionally made from the marshmallow plant.

Recipes with Marshmallow

  • Sweet potato casserole can be made with marshmallow
  • It can be used for making marshmallow fondants
  • Gluten-free chocolate cookies is another recipe
  • Marshmallow ice cream
  • Roasted marshmallow
  • Marshmallow is also used for making cupcakes and candy bars

Marshmallow Ingredients

  • Unflavoured gelatin, 2 tablespoons
  • Granulated sugar or corn syrup, 1 cup
  • Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
  • Water, 240 ml

How to make marshmallow ( How is marshmallow made?)

  1. Dissolve gelatin in with 120 ml of warm water and set aside; the correct temperature for gelatine should be below 37 degrees celsius.
  2. Add sugar to a saucepan, place it on heat and add 120 ml of water. Stir the sugar mixture occasionally to dissolve the sugar.
  3. Once the sugar has dissolved and a syrup is formed, add the dissolved gelatine to the syrup and stir to incorporate, and make sure there is a lump.
  4. When the syrup has become thin and stretchy when touched with two fingers, turn off the heat, and allow it to rest for 1 minute.
  5. Pour it into a bowl, use a hand mixer or an electric mixer you have, and whisk it for 7 minutes.
  6. As you whisk,  the barter will start to change color to white and becomes fluffy, and starts to thicken ass more air gets into it.
  7. When you have achieved a fluffy consistency and a soft peak is formed,  add in vanilla essence and whisk again for 2 minutes to combine.

To mold the marshmallow into shape

  1. Oil your mold with any cooking oil to cover the whole surface; while the batter is still runny, pour it immediately into the mold (preferably in a silicone or plastic mold).
  2. Pat the mold a few times to level it, and remove air bubbles; shape and flatten the top, allow it to rest for 4  to 6 hours. You can refrigerate it as well to hasten the process.
  3. After 4 hours, the marshmallow has set and has solidified, coat the top with cornflour to stop it from being sticky. Gently remove from the mold and place on a floured surface and coat the sides too
  4. Coat your knife with cornflour too and cut the marshmallow into desired shapes (mini, small, medium, or jumbo marshmallows).
  5. You can store in a ziplock bag ow bowl with a fitting lid at room temperature or freeze them until needed.