How to Produce Vaseline (Petroleum Skin Jelly)

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Vaseline is the Trade name given to a smoothing ointment made from 100% pure petroleum jelly which was invented by a young chemist called Robert Chesebrough in U.S in 1859 when he travelled to Titusville (a small town in Pennsyvania) where the oil workers were using an unrefined form of petroleum jelly called rod wax. For this reason, he began to study the substance( rod wax) through various processes of refinement and purification( distillation process) until he was able to get a lighter and a more transparent gel which is the vaseline we use today also known as “Wonder Jelly”.

Vaseline is a blend of mineral oils and waxes which works by creating a sealing barrier between cells in dry or damaged skins and thereby locks in moisture and speeds up natural recovery and healing the skin from within,the main ingredient in vaseline production is peroleum jelly.

Vaseline is often used everyday in our homes. As long as human population continues to grow so also the need for vaseline will grow, this makes vaseline a high lucrative business both in Nigeria and in other countries of the world. The business is notgender specific, it can be done by both male and female gender, whereas both gender can apply on their skin .

Even though many creams in the stores have been an alternative for vaseline, still vaseline is still in high demand all over the world because:

1.It doesn’t cause skin reaction

2. It is used to prevent inflammation caused by heat generated from prolonged used of diapers

3. It is used in the laboratory to prevent air from entering specimen hence,it is used for sealing cover slip

4. It is used to keep the body warm during cold season

5. It is used as a lubricant

6. It is a water repellant

7. It is used to preventcracked heels, lips,and skin

8. It is used as polish to polish surfaces such as shoes and bags

9. It is used to prevent rusting of metal surfaces

10. It is used to prevent split ends in hair.

start carrying vaseline along with you in your purse when moving out because you might need it to soften your hand when you enter the resturant.if you are a mom, you might need it when changing your baby’s diaper and you might need it during hash weather to protect your lips from drying out.

The process of vaseline production is very simple provided the raw material( ingredients) are readily available;in the production of vaseline, water is NOT needed,paraffin oil serves as water.

Ingredients and thier functions invaseline production

1. Paraffin oil 6 table spoons- This is the oil that helps to reduce thickness of vaseline since water is not needed in the production. it has a healing and a nourishing ability

2. petroleum jelly 1 and 1/2 cup- This is a nourishing agent that helps to thicken and holdthe vaseline together

3. Paraffin wax2 teaspoons- This helps to holds the mixture together

4. Lanolin 1 table spoon- This ingredients gives the the vaseline an elastic feel,making it appear thick

5.Fragrance ( as desired)- It gives a nice flavour or scent to your vaseline

6. Vitamine E (1 table spoon)- It serves as an anti-oxidant for nourishing dry and crack skin

you can choose to add colour or not to your vaseline . the colour ranges from blue, green, yellow, brown to neutral.

Production Process of vaseline

– Drop a clean pot on a heat ( stove),add the paraffin oil,paraffin wax,petroleum jelly and lanolin and allow them dissolve and mixed properly

– Add Vitamin E and allow it to dissolve

– Drop the pot from heat and wait for it to cool down a bit

– Then add the the Fragrance and scoop into already used vaseline container and allow it to settle in side the container while cooling gently.

You can get vaseline container from any big market that specializes on plastics business to enable youcustomize your product for sale, most times, the shops that sell chemical or scientific laboratory itemsusually sale the containers too. you can enquire from them. now that you have known how to make vaseline, learn how to make your own moisturizing body creamperfumeand hair creamremember you can be your ownboss controllingwhat comes intoyour your skin and hair.

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