How To Prepare Tomato sauce With Other Vegetables

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Around October to December when the rain has ceased to fall and prices of many foods have increased drastically including tomatoes. If you happen to be lucky enough to come across fresh, plumed, and reddish bunches or bulk of tomatoes which are attractive to your eyes and delightful to the heart, it makes you to unknowingly buy the tomatoes even though it may be costly at this period of time. You may be gladden at first because of the attractiveness of the tomatoes but may later wonder what to do with the tomatoes and I know you will not want to waste it by allowing it to be spoiled because you have bought them at a costly price; at such moment, making a stew or tomato sauce is the best option. I have written previously on how to make stew without getting sour and in this article, I will be writing on making tomato sauce with vegetables in order to make the sauce more nutritional and tasteful.

Frying process of the tomato sauce
Frying process of the tomato sauce


Sauce is any flavourful, stewed, soup-like condiment prepared in form of liquid or porridge used for eating other solid foods.

There are many ingredients or vegetables used in the preparation and many people have their different ways of making their sauces according to their flavour and tastes; for instance, one may decide to use fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, egg plants (garden eggs), carrots, green beans, peas, pepper and cabbage to make sauce, while another could choose to use leafy vegetables such as ugu( fluted pumpkin), spinach( alehu),scented leaves (Basil leaves, Nchuawun , Awodop in Tarok ), curry leaves or palm fruit extract to prepare theirs.

Sauce could be eaten with white rice, boiled yam, plantain, sweet or Irish potatoes. On the other hand when preparing tomatoes sauce, you can add other vegetables like spinach, and spring onions; the spring onions is another flavouring agent added to foods which many people are not aware of.

Sliced onions, spinach and tomatoes
Sliced onions, spinach and tomatoes


Below are the ingredients you need for preparation of tomato sauce.

Fresh tomatoes, 10 balls


Spring onions, 1 bunch

Spinach (alehu), 1 bunch


Crayfish (optional), Handful

Seasoning cubes, 3 cubes

Olive, Margarine, palm oil or vegetable oil

Iced fish or chicken meat

Onions ,1 ball

Ginger (optional), 1 piece (blended)

Fried Fish
Fried Fish


Steps for the preparation of Tomato sauce

1. Wash and dice tomatoes and onions and keep aside (you can choose to remove the seeds of the tomatoes before dicing them).

2. Pluck the spinach from the stake, slice with knife; do same to the spring onions and keep aside

3. Cook the fish for about 10mintes since its going to be fried

4. Using a medium pot, heat up the vegetable oil

5. Fry the ice fish or chicken meat and after that, remove from oil and keep aside

6. Pour the diced onions into the oil and fry for 30seconds before adding the diced tomatoes

7. Fry the tomatoes till the sour taste is gone(see how to fry tomatoes for stew)

8. Add seasoning cubes, ginger extract, crayfish, curry, salt , pepper and allow to simmer on a medium heat

9. Add spring onions and allow for 5 minutes before adding spinach(alehu)

10. Lastly, add fish to the content(you can add the fish stocks if the constituency is too thick to make it moderate

Your sauce is ready to be served with white rice, boiled yam, plantain, or potato.

Your sauce is served with white rice
Your sauce is served with white rice


What kind of sauce do you like most? Have you ever made tomatoes sauce with leafy vegetables? How was it like? Share with us below.

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