Ginger powder: How to make ginger powder at home

ginger powder made in a glass bowl

Ginger powder is made from fresh ginger root, it is usually peeled, dried, and ground into a fine powder and it is used in different cuisines around the world as a spice to flavor food. It is a versatile spice that comes with its fresh smell and amazing flavor; it is very easy to make at home.  The powder can be made without removing the peels and at the same time, it can be made with the peels, it all depends on what you want.

When selecting ginger roots, always go for the organic ones because they are free from chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. However, organic gingers do not contain preservatives that make them last longer. You may have to look out for those with the firm, moist roots which feel a little bit heavy when you lift it up, at least for their size. Avoid ginger roots that appear dry and shriveled.

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How long can ginger last?

Ginger can be stored for a longer time by grating or mincing it first; then dried and ground into a smooth powder like the above pictures. This method of preservation of ginger is very convenient and makes cooking time easy. You can easily access the ginger without having to start all over to peel or and to cut from scratch.

Ginger powder can last up to 6 months and even up to a year; if properly dried and stored in a jar with a fitting lid away from moisture. Storing this powder also preserves the fragrant aroma and taste. See here how to peel ginger roots.

Ginger powder recipes

There are various ways to enjoy dry ginger powder. It can be added to tea (ginger tea),  gingerbread, cookies, and sauces. To make ginger powder tea. This is quite easy to make: Measure about 1/2 teaspoon of the ground ginger into a cup. Pour some boiling water to it, and sweeten it with honey or sugar. However, ginger powder is used in spice blends to make curries, masalas, sauce, and stew recipes. See also how to make ginger honey lemon tea with fresh ginger

Ginger powder benefits

Apart from using ginger as a flavorful seasoning in food, ginger powder is parked with some amazing health benefits such as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This antioxidant is very effective in boosting immunity, relieving nausea cold, cough, and reducing indigestion. It is also effective in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar.

How to make ginger powder from fresh ginger
Grated ginger for making ginger powder

Steps on how to make ginger powder

  1. Bring the amount of fresh ginger root you are using into a bowl, wash them nicely under running water to get rid of dirt and sand.
  2. Once done, pat dry with some paper towels and place them on a cutting board. You can decide to cut with a knife, grate or roughly blend the ginger roots into small pieces. This will allow the ginger to dry faster.
  3. Spread the blended or grated ginger pieces on a tray with your hand and place it in the sun to dry. You can oven dry or dehydrate the ginger if you choose to.
  4. If you are sun-drying the ginger,  it may take about two days for it to dry completely, but if you are using an oven or dehydrator, it may take several hours.
  5. Once the ginger is nicely dried and crisp, use a dry mixer or food processor to grind the ginger into a fine powder.
  6. Transfer the ground ginger into a jar with a fitting lid and store far away from moisture.