Egusi Pepper Soup: How to Cook White Egusi Soup

Photo of Egusi Pepper Soup: How to Cook Egusi Pepper Soup White Egusi Soup

Egusi pepper soup is one of my favorite egusi recipes. This is made without oil but with pepper soup spices and meat, this makes the soup one of the healthiest so far. Egusi pepper soup is one of the easiest soups you get to enjoy with pounded yam or fufu; it is usually prepared very light like Ofe Nsala (white soup), unlike the popular Nigerian Egusi Soup that is cooked with lots of ingredients and has a thicker consistency.

This soup is particularly common among the people of Niger-Delta in Nigeria, Urhobo people to be precise. This is quite easy to prepare, as easy as making other pepper soup dishes, what makes it different is the addition of egusi (ground melon seed) which takes it from being a simple side dish to the main meal that can be served with pounded yam swallow. However, Beef, fresh fish, or smoked fish can be used for making this soup, I made use of goat meat because I love its gamey flavor in a light soup like this.

Feel free to use any meat of your choice for this soup. I also added a little twist to this savoury soup, I decided to roast my egusi seeds for few minutes before blended, the roasted egusi adds additional smoky flavour to the soup aside other spices. Read the steps below on how to make egusi pepper soup and also watch the video above.

Table of Contents

Ingredients for egusi pepper soup

  • 500 g goat meat
  • 4 medium-sized smoked fish
  • A cup of egusi seeds
  • 2 tablespoon ground crayfish
  • 2 scotch bonnets
  • A teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 2-3 stock cubes
  • 8 pieces uziza leaves or spinach, shredded
  • teaspoon ground Uziza seed
  • Pepper soup spices (Uda, African nutmeg), blended
  • Salt to taste
Egusi pepper soup ingredients
Egusi pepper soup ingredients


Steps on How to Cook Egusi Pepper Soup

  1. Rinse goat meat into a pot, season with pepper, onions and two stock cubes, add water, and place on heat to cook.
  2. While the meat is boiling, bring egusi seeds in a pan and stir-fry for 3 minutes until they turn golden.
  3. Add the egusi into a blender and blend into a smooth powder, then set aside. Dress the smoked fish, shred Uziza leaves and set all aside for later use.
  4. After the meat has cooked for 20 minutes, add the blended pepper soup spices, the smoked fish, more pepper and allow to cook properly.
  5. Once the meat is tender, add the ground crayfish, ground egusi and stir, taste for seasoning and adjust to your taste. You can add more water if it is too thick.
  6. Cook the soup for 10 minutes until it starts to thicken, but not really thick, add the shredded uziza leaves, and stir to incorporate.
  7. Leave the soup to simmer for 3 minutes. Egusi pepper soup is ready once all the ingredients are well incorporated and you have a light consistency like Ofe Nsala.
  8. Serve the prepared soup with Pounded yam or with your preferred swallow.