One-Third of U.S. Small Businesses Accept Cryptocurrencies: Survey

Cryptos are now gaining good momentum in almost all business sectors. Their existence is confined to one department or niche area and various businesses and industries. The past two years have been phenomenal if we check the growth of the currency, while its popularity seems to be going high at a greater pace in the market. Now, if you check the recent updates, we will call upon the best results in the market.

So, it is right that cryptos are becoming too tough to ignore now. Websites are now getting slow and crashing with the topic of crypto going in the market. Now, we have come across a recent survey suggesting that more than 33 percent of businesses and vendors in the US alone accept crypto in the market. It is interesting to know how Bitcoin or any other cryptos in the market are consumed so much, and many more are coming forward to accept the same. In addition, websites like will assist traders in their trading journey. Now, we explore the list of people coming into the market, have a look at the same:

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The Survey

As we see, Bitcoin, despite the fall, is doing well, and the market cap of the crypto is moving beyond 2.6 T USD in the market. Crypto has gained good traction in the market, and with time, it has gained more momentum. The growth of the currency is going high despite the fall of its market. The research company talking about the survey has much to reveal. It claimed that the growth of the currency is helping many small businesses in the market. The accounting firm, Skynova, was responsible for carrying out the work with it. We have seen good growth in the market in the recent past, and the survey bears testimony to the growth of the currency in the market. The crypto adoption by local vendors and businesses seemed on a higher level. The accounting firm known as Skynova reveals a detailed study of the same. The firm has credibility in the market, which came in 2011. It has run countless surveys, and the adoption has been going rapidly. The firm has confirmed that their study shows 32% of the US-based businesses are now moving fast with the faster pace in the market.

Why this paradigm shift in the market?

The survey has much to talk about the businesses involved in e-commerce business ventures. It has helped to change their minds regarding influencer marketing. The survey came with the latest study that helps carry out the follow-up in the market linked with the crypto-based research venture. These went smoothly during the summer about the small business employees in the market, and they have surveyed and thus got the chance to pay in different types of cryptos and digital assets. The researchers changed the error margin to give you around 95% with great confidence and interval level. More than 580 businesses got the questions with the survey questions. These included the employees of the companies and their owners, who answered the questions in a big way.

The survey revealed the following figures for different digital currencies, have a look as under:

The first in the survey came with Bitcoin winning 58% of the market, dominating the market. The next is Bitcoin Cash, with 35% talking about the currency’s popularity. The next one is ETH, slightly less (1%), getting 35%. Finally, Litecoin did well with 28%, while Binance Coin was close to LTC. It is also worth checking how these coins got the score from those who gave positive answers. The said result gained too many results for too many reasons, while the fundamental driving force is the ease and benefits people are getting with crypto.

Top Companies Involved in Crypto Trade

The survey had more than 500 companies; however, on the face of it, you can find too many companies scoring higher market share. The first to name is the financial companies like MasterCard and PayPal, which hold around 59% of the market, while innovative groups like Tesla were able to win with 50%. Exciting trends have come out of the survey by the accounting firm. We see too many social media companies are now busy promoting these things with trends in the market. These include the microblogging site – Twitter, the video lab – YouTube, and instant messaging apps like Telegram. These companies played their part in moving smoothly in the market.