Is This the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now? 

With a slump witnessed in 2022, we have seen even the best cryptos have gone down. As 2023 came, things started shaping up in the right direction. The market value of crypto in 2023 is now returning with some surge. As per reports, January witnessed around a 32% gain in the crypto market. Thus, the current crypto market value is 1.05 TO USD, around 795 B USD earlier. The loud and clear verdict claims it has gained a good surge in the market. We can see crypto favoring the federal market, a currency not favoring the rate hiking cycle in a big way. For many investors, a high-risk tolerance is now going up to take a plunge. If you are into Bitcoin investment, consider knowing about the BitIQ Trading Platform. So, here we will check which crypto is the best option for investors, and the site gives a clear picture of this subject. First, let us check the cryptos:

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It is known as blue-chip digital money in the crypto market and has a loyal and robust value worldwide. It comes with a vital sign and has maintained its supremacy in the market. Despite the fall, it has also decreased, but it was an expensive currency worldwide. Bitcoin has a huge market cap, reaching around 450 B USD. For many more investors who are giving you a reasonable market value cap, the cost has gone up by 450 B USD for the market. Therefore, many more investors who are getting good exposure will witness a good change in the market. Also, Bitcoin is known as digital gold, and its value is good in the market, which will remain the same in the coming years.


The next big crypto worth investing in is ETH. Ether remains a popular token over the ETH Blockchain. Hence it is more known as a worthy currency to consider in the market. If you look at the currency’s market cap, it is around 200 USD Billion. The ETH Blockchain is known to support the crypto market, investing in local finance and other features. It is known to have several features and lending capabilities. It is known to keep an expensive landscape of NFTs and similar things, making it the best currency to consider. The recent addition of Merge in ETH last year also proves the point in the market. It is net positive and is more focused on investors that come like PoS that remains far away from the PoW protocol of Bitcoin.


ETH has everything, and crypto follows speculative altcoins. These remain smaller in number and size that works smoothly in different natures. Thus it is an exciting aspect of the remaining choice that works smoothly over the AVA Blockchain, known as AVAX. It is a native token, which remains different, and the city also aspires to become the best in Amazon Web Services of the currency. Also, it seems less like a future of several thousand years of diverse Blockchains that remain too obvious. It came in 2020, and the money has gained a decent value of 5.30 USD, which will likely grow in the coming months. Thus the currency becomes a proper choice for people to put their money in.


To put some sense in the digital domain, you have some exciting cryptos; Polygon is one of these. The coin has a huge market cap of around 10 B USD. It helps in adding the token that can secure and drive the network in a big way. Many examples in Wall Street talk a lot about this crypto. The support from the industry experts and others in the market also talks about the success of ETh in the market. It also helps add the purpose and gives the sensation of ETH in the market. The goal of this currency is higher scalability and network, which is growing fast with some good decentralized apps. It runs on technology that gives a broader view of the same. MATIC is an idea with a more fantastic price, and it occurs in June 2022, which goes low in the market.


The next is Cardano, which came in 2017 by C Hoskinson, who is also behind ETH. It works on the known Blokchcian that remains the biggest success story in the market. It is an energy-efficient PoS protocol and remains on the top of the market, fueling it. Unlike ETH, Cardano can remain a hard cap that can surpass the enormous market value of 45 B.