Langtang Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

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Photo of Langtang Local Government Area

Langtang is one of the biggest local governments in Plateau State; it is divided into two parts such as Langtang North and Langtang south. This local Government shares boundary with Shendam, Kanam and Wase. It has the local government secretariat situated at the heart of the town. It is the home of Prominent Generals of Nigeria, who include GeneralsDomkat Bali, Joseph Garba (deceased),Jeremiah Useni, Joshua Dogonyaro,John Shagaya, Jonathan Temlong, Musa Gambo, Ishaku Pennap Air Marshal Jonah D. Wuyep and Air Commander Bernard Banfa. It also boasts elder statesmen in ChiefSolomon Lar(the first Civilian Governor of Plateau State), the late Chief Ezekiel Yusuf (the first Executive Chairman of Langtang Local Government) and Reverend Canon Selchang Miner.

Langtanghas a General Hospital,secondary and primary schools are spread around the Local Government, the town has two dams and a water treatment plant that supplies drinking water to its communities,the major tribe in this town isTarok which is somtimes spelt as Taroh and the language is Tarok, their religion is Christianity, butfew people within the town are pegans. The weather in Langtang seems to be a little bit harsh compared to that of Jos Plateau and Pankshin town.

Socio-Economic activities

Terrace farming in Langtang
Terrace farming in Langtang


The people in this locality are involved in different socio-economic activities like farming, hunting and trading. Farming is very common among the people of Langtang, the method of farming practiced by the people involves the use of ridges or terraces, this type of ridge formation is called cross bonding, and this practise helps to control erosion and it helps to convert water and nutrients for plants absorption. Since sloppy terrain is one of the major problem faced by people in this part of the state, they plant most of their crops on moulded ridges. Along the mountain slopes, terraces are constructed to reduce the rate at which water runs down with the soil’s nutrients. The sides of the hills are being arranged in steps, people used stones to construct a stepping down path from the hill to prevent run-off.

This method is very effective because it prevents water from running down the sloppy hills during rainy seasons. The nature of soil in Langtang is very fertile which allows for greater yield of crops, however, farmers here hardly use fertilizer on their crops. The major types of crops grown here are guinea corn, maize, groundnuts, rice acha, potatoes (fonio) and millets and the grains are grown far away from residential areas.

Settlement pattern

Far distance away from the farmlands, there are few rural settlements; these settlements are relatively small and dispersedly arranged due to agricultural activities in this location.