Jakatai Mesa in Plateau State, Nigeria

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Photo of Jakatai Mesa in Plateau State, Nigeria

Plateau State is a tourist haven due to the various unique landforms seen around its environment when visiting this state. There are three major types of hills visible in this state; if you are just coming here for the first time you will get see features like Inselberg, Mesas and Volcanic dunes. I have earlier written on the definition of mesa and their mode of formation; today we are still going to look at one of the prominent landform found in plateau state which is Jakatai Mesa. This mesa is located in Mangu local government area with an altitude of 1084m above sea level.

A mesa as I have said before is a flat tabular landform with steep walls. It can also be defined as a table-like erosional landform that is made up of very hard rock materials; a mesa is formed as a result of heating and cooling of lateritic materials. A mesa looks like the top of a table, or may resemble a butte, but it is larger than a butte in size, this table like landform can be as tall as 100ft, and it is wider that its height.

Importance of Jakatai Mesa to Mangu local government

  1. The base of Mesa (Jakatai) use to provide a convenient hide place against invaders as far back in the 19thCenturies, while the top formed a suitable vantage point to where an approaching enemy could be sighted easily.
  2. While standing on top of the mesa, you would clearly notice a stream channel very close by, the stream is not really winding in nature and it flows from right to left. At the streambeds, plants appear greener compare to faraway lands; this mesa acts as a drainage paths to the nearby environment because of its steep slopes and most of the flowing water is drain into the nearby stream.
  3. On top of the mesa, you will clearly notice few disperse settlement, these settlements are very close to the farmlands and they have access to water supply.
  4. Many tourists enjoy many outdoor activities such as excursions, hiking on top of the mesa and because the mesa is very easy to climb, many people enjoy hosting their picnic parties at the top of it.