How to succeed at Anything in Life, Business, and Academics

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Compound interest refers to accumulation of additional amount of money to an initial amount of money. This means that a small amount of money is added to the first amount of money in a regular period of time. This law of investment is applicable to all areas of our lives. Law of compound interest is applicable in Academics, social life, business, sports, and all aspects of life. You may not notice this but this law has been in effect on your life since the day you were conceived right in the womb till this very time you are reading this. Your ability to succeed in life or in anything is based on your use of this law appropriately. It can be used as a single trick to succeed in whatever you want to do in life.

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Law of compound interest from conception to birth

A human being starts as a single cell then starts to divide after conception in the womb and then continues to divide and differentiate to different kinds of cells, that then form tissues and tissues form organs and organs form systems and systems of the body then form the whole human being before you are finally born as a little baby.

A baby then is a combination of different components as described above coming together as single unit by adding up to form a larger unit (this whole process takes about 9 months in the womb). This is the law of compound interest in play. It does not end there, the baby then starts to learn how to sit, then crawl, then stand, then walk, run, talk and starts learning how to interact with others and finally becomes a grown up human being.

This is a perfect example of this law of compound interest. If you know that no one starts big in life and that everyone was at some point in their life a learner or beginner, then you will not be easily discouraged because you know that your own little efforts will add up to become big too.

Law of compound interest in Business

For every big business you see today, for every fortune 500 companies you know, and every big enterprise you admire or wish were yours, just know that at some point, it was never in existence; it was someones idea that started that business. Those companies all started small and grew big by taking small or little steps and they got to where they are today by being consistent with their steps.

This same rule applies to those who accumulated wealth for themselves and have become mega rich; it also applies to those with millions of followers or subscribers on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. The law applies to those rich business men you see. Whatever skill you possessed today, it was gotten by continuously learning such skill with time. No one was born with any skill except the skill of crying. Every professional Footballer, Doctor, Lawyer, or whoever your role model is, they all started without any skill. They gradually learned it every day and became great in what they are doing.

You can apply this law to yourself too: whatever you want to start whether in Business or in Life. Do not look at those who have made it already and think as if you will never get to their stage. Start small today and do it continuously, little by little and before you know it, with time, you will become big. When you first start, many people who do not understand the law of compound interest will laugh and mock at you but do not even worry for a minute; continue what you love and it will one day add up to become very great. Your teacher was once a student, your father was a son, your mother was a daughter, your town was once a village, your house was once a field and before I started typing this, the page was blank. Do not be discourage at whatever you face in your journey in Life, just make sure you add up something small to whatever you want to achieve (to your goals) and those goals will be achieved with time.

This single secret of success is not understood by so many, that is why they often quit so early whenever they compare their lives with that of others who have gone far ahead of them; they fail to realize that they can also do same and achieve even greater.

How to Succeed in Life

What do you want to achieve in life that you see as Success? Whatever you want to achieve in life, just apply the law of compound interest.

  1. Start small
  2. Learn everyday
  3. Give it time
  4. Be consistent
  5. Never give up
  6. Success will definitely come in the end

The above are the steps to take to achieving success in life. Remember it is the little step you take every day that matters and not the great leap you are expecting.

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