30 Birthday Wishes For Your Female Best Friend

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies “- Aristotle

Friendship is a relationship beyond blood and greed. And friends are the family that we choose. And when she is your best friend, she is not just a friend; she becomes your sister. And her birthday is as special as she is and deserves to be honored.

After all, it is the day marking her incarnation on this earth. Moreover, this day only appears on the calendar once a year.

And that makes this day a great opportunity to make her feel how really important she is to you and how significant her presence has been in your life.

Thinking about what and how to write inside her card or how to wish her a fantastic birthday on social media?

We understand that finding the right words to express your true feelings or emotions can be difficult at times, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

And we have compiled some of the best birthday wishes, ranging from hilarious one-liners to sentimental messages to tug at your best friend’s heartstrings. These wishes are sure to delight.

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Simple Birthday Wishes:

  1. Cheer up, dearest; it is your personal new year. Let’s live it to the fullest.
  2. On your best day, I wish you the greatest, my sister.
  3. Many many happy returns of the day, my dearest secret keeper.
  4. It’s impossible to imagine my life without you and food, my best friend. Many happy returns of the day to you.!
  5. Your friendship is the best gift for me, bestie. Happy Birthday
  6. Let’s cheer up for your next trip around the sun! Keep shining. Happy Birthday
  7. Commemorating the incarnation of a true queen, I am honored to be in your court.
  8. Let the game of cakes begin! Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes:

  1. There is a saying that the older you are, the smarter you become. So going by that, at your age, you must have become Einstein! Happy Birthday
  2. With age, looks may fade away, but personalities never go away. Thank God it has always been about your personality! Happy Birthday

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  1. Happy birthday to the most amazing person I know! Oh, sorry, it is not my birthday! But anyway, happy birthday!
  2. Bestie, happy birthday!I hope you are not waiting for a birthday present from me, because my presence in your life is the biggest present for you.
  3. Getting old is inevitable. But growing up is a choice, which you did not make. Happy Birthday to the oldest kid I know.
  4. I think it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. It is really hard for me to believe that we have reached this age.
  5. Do not worry about getting another year older. You can think of it this way: you are one more year closer to getting those senior citizen perks.
  6. At the rate you are aging, the candles on your cake should represent the decades of your life, not the years you have passed, or else the cake would catch fire. Bestie, happy birthday!

Thoughtful Birthday Messages:

  1. Life is full of ups and downs. But with a confidant like you, I am confident enough to endure all of it. Happy Birthday to my best friends!
  2. You have always been a part of all my fun memories and tough times. So cheer up, because there are a lot of odds to overcome and fun to be had.Bestie, happy birthday!
  3. From the very moment we met, I knew that you were always going to be a part of my life. I really admire your benevolence and your waggish personality. Bestie, happy birthday!
  4. A true friend would go to the end of the world to make the other one happy. And you have done this for me so many times that I can’t even count, but what I know is that I can always count on you. Many many happy returns of the day, my dearest confidant.
  5. This day will always be in the special corner of my heart. Because years back, your incarnation made this world a much better place. Happy Birthday, my dearest!
  6. One special day is too short to celebrate your incarnation on this earth. Even an entire month would not be enough for me to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday, my best friend!
  7. On this auspicious day, I heartily want to thank you for being the most amazing friend on this beautiful planet earth. I know I hit the jackpot when you finally appeared in my life. Happy Birthday

Birthday Blessings:

  1. Your friendship was the biggest blessing from God for me. I wish you a very wonderful birthday!

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  1. May God shower you with all of his blessings on this auspicious day of your incarnation and fill your life with all heavenly merriment. My angel, many happy returns of the day!
  2. I really wish that one of your wishes would be for our imperishable friendship as you blow the candles today. And I am really thankful to God for having you as my friend. Happy Birthday, my best friend!
  3. It was really a great blessing that the whole universe worked together to bring us into a friendship. Cut the cake, my dearest; it’s your birthday.
  4. I really pray to God to bless you with many more years so that we can live and enjoy this journey together. I love you, my best friend forever. A warm, happy birthday!
  5. On this great day of your advent, I pray to God to keep you always accompanied with great friends, loving family and mouth-watering foods. My dearest, many happy returns of the day!
  6. I wish you the very best on your best day of the year. You are the literal epitome of the word “friend” and I will always be grateful to God for having you as my dearest friend. Happy Birthday to my most trusted confidant!

Beyond words or phrases, it is the true emotion that you truly feel for your dearest friend. So you really want to make her feel special. Go to her and express your true emotions to her, how special she is to you.