Popular Games to Try Out in a Casino

In recent years, the iGaming sector has exploded in popularity, with hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe logging in to play their favorite games.

When online gambling first began to rise in popularity, with gaming brands providing an online casino real money platform and other unique bonuses, there was an element of fear amongst owners of land-based casinos who worried that customers would give up their trips to swanky casinos in favor of wagering on their laptops or mobile devices.

While there was an element of truth to this, there have also been positives for the land-based sector. The popularity of online gambling has raised the profile of casinos, inspiring a new generation of gamblers to head to brick-and-mortar establishments to get the authentic casino experience.

In cities such as London, Barcelona, and Venice, casinos are steadily rising the list of most visited tourist destinations.

Instead of profiling the many great and varied casinos throughout Europe in this article, we will look at some of the most popular games played in the continent’s most illustrious casinos.

Read on to find out what they are…

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It’s the ultimate beginner’s game as it’s easy to understand, full of thrills and spills, and relatively fast-paced. Pulling up a seat at the table, you will join everyone else in playing against the dealer to reach 21 before they do.

At the beginning of each round, you will be dealt two cards face up while the dealer receives one card facing up and another facing down. Then, you will choose to hit or stand; if you pick the first option, you’ll be dealt another card, and if you choose the latter, you’ll stick with your first two cards.

If you go over 21, you will go bust and lose the hand, but if you remain under 21 or exactly on it, you must wait to see what the dealer draws and hope to better them. If you do, you win; if you don’t, you lose your stake!


Perhaps the most glamorous and eye-catching of casino games, roulette is also a fun and potentially lucrative game. The game’s rules are simple: You have to bet where the ball will end up after the wheel has been spun.

You can be super specific and pick one of the 36 numbers, which increases your odds to 36-1. Conversely, you can bet a bit safer and wager on the ball landing on a specific color (odd numbers are red and even are black) or a range of numbers, 1-10, 19-28, etc.

While adored by millions of casino goers, roulette doesn’t enjoy quite as good a reputation amongst religious circles. When added together, all the numbers on the wheel come out at six hundred and sixty-six, which has led many to refer to it as the ‘Devil’s Game.’


Due to how poker and other casino games are separated online, poker is often overlooked when discussing casinos. That shouldn’t be the case, though, as every land-based casino worth its salt has poker facilities.

The most played variant, Texas Hold ‘Em, is perhaps the only true game of skill that casinos offer and is one that you should consider playing if you like strategy, drama, and testing yourself against others.

Due to its complex nature, poker is a game best enjoyed by those who truly understand the game’s rules, tactics, and etiquette. Before making your first wager, be sure to have read up on the game to avoid being taken advantage of by more experienced players.

(This how-to guide is a good place to start for budding poker players.)


If it weren’t for slot machines, there would be no such thing as online casinos, and there would certainly be fewer land-based casinos. These spinning, whirling machines of cascading colors are the beating heart of any casino.

Why? Because they are just so fun to play and accessible, too. Even if you only have one pound to spend, you can find a machine with a penny wager and spin the reels. What’s more enticing about slots is the large sums of money that they offer as jackpots.

However, the chances of winning on slot machines are typically lower than on other casino games.