How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay: A Guide

ChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language text generator with extensive capabilities. It’s a conversational artificial intelligence model that generates human-like responses. ChatGPT uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer to respond to natural language questions on multiple topics based on available data. Using an advanced machine-learning algorithm, the tool can understand the context and generate text based on the user’s preferences. It is most useful in structured essay writing due to its ability to draft and organize relevant and informative details about specific prompts.

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5 Easy Steps of Using ChatGPT to Write an Essay

Ask ChatGPT to analyze your previous essay

When using chat gpt to write an essay, you must ensure the AI understands your writing style and formulates the words based on your preferences and thought processes. Since using ChatGPT to do your assignments may be considered unethical, the best approach is to use technology to generate ideas or understand your topic better. You might want to use an AI tool to analyze information and mimic you. You can invoke ChatGPT’s style transfer capabilities by asking it to analyze your work. This strategy will enable the tool to adopt and use your writing style to generate text, helping you research and develop your ideas.

Choose a topic

Before using chat gpt to write essays, you must have a definitive topic based on the prompt you wish to answer. ChatGPT can generate text on various topics and academic disciplines. Hence, you must narrow your topic to increase accuracy and minimize errors and inaccuracies. When working on your course assignments, review the instructions carefully to conceptualize your instructor’s expectations. Develop a topic based on the course materials and the questions at hand. Avoid using AI tools to generate topics despite the temptations. However, you can use ChatGPT to conceptualize the instructions and summarize research topics.

List the instructions

Every essay is based on a list of instructions. A good chat gpt essay writer knows to follow instructions. Use the chat services to evaluate the prompt or prompts before listing them for essay writing. Identify the keywords in the instructions and create a summary of the most critical information needed to complete the essay. Gather sufficient data from different sources, including the AI chat tools, before starting your essay. This approach will help you identify errors during the editing phase.

Initiate a conversation

Once you have a topic and the list of instructions, you are ready for the AI experience. Choose an API endpoint that is optimized for natural language. Alternatively, you can hire a human professional essay writer from CustomWritings to get online write me an essay assistance to guide you through the subsequent steps. Note that you should only hire expert writers from reliable sources to avoid inconveniences. If you choose to work alone, you can just enter your prompt in the text box and click the generate button. If all the previous steps were done correctly, ChatGPT would generate the most relevant and informative text based on the instructions provided.

Refine the results

It is your responsibility to weigh the accuracy of the information from ChatGPT. Proofread your AI-generated text for errors and inaccuracies and edit appropriately. You must also rewrite the text observing the general principles of writing, including the flow and sentence structures. You will have to rearrange some information and reorganize the essay. Sometimes the tool produces insufficient information or excessive details for a single prompt. As a result, you may need to repeat the process several times to improve the accuracy of the text.

6 Tips for Using ChatGPT Essay Writer

Collate information

Whether you are using a professional chat gpt essay writer or generating text independently, ChatGPT is most useful for collating information about your essay. These tools are designed to gather information and present it using natural language. The biggest advantage of chat gpt essay writing is speed and accuracy. This tool helps you narrow your research by generating text faster than humans. You can ask ChatGPT thousands of questions within a few minutes and get a summary of thousands of pages of useful data.

Create an outline

Most students use AI to generate outlines for their essays. The best learners use ChatGPT to help in the writing process, not as an alternative. This AI tool can generate an exceptional outline for your topic within seconds. The best way to create suitable topic sentences and thesis statements is to narrow your instructions to a short prompt. Since ChatGPT uses large data sources and machine learning to enhance the accuracy and relevance of the text generated, you should consider refining the outline by reorganizing your topic and prompt several times.

Evaluate and understand your essay topic

Your essay topic is the baseline for the AI-generated text. The information you feed the system will define the output you receive. Unlike online essay writing services, ChatGPT does not write complete papers. Instead, the tool uses machine learning and other technologies to generate relevant and informative natural language text. The accuracy and suitability of the information depend on the topic and its wording. You must evaluate and understand the topic to refine the text and create the best essay.

Find sources

You can also use ChatGPT to research your topic and find suitable sources for your essay. Instead of generating irrelevant text, use relevant and recent scholarly sources to develop a set of questions you can use to maximize AI benefits. AI can become an efficient study partner if used correctly. You can use it to summarize articles, create executive summaries, shorten video transcripts, and identify keywords. Always use ChatGPT to improve the quality of your essay by utilizing its text-generating technology to find more relevant information.

Organize your essay

Use AI to improve your writing and organize your essays. While ChatGPT can generate relevant and informative text, it does not incorporate tone and flow. You must review and refine the text to improve its face value. You must also reorganize and restructure the wording, sentences, and paragraphs to match your writing style and essay prompt. Although you can use style adaptation to train the AI to adapt to your writing style, the machine learning algorithm will not match your human intellect. Trust your gut and reorder the text to present your ideas best.

Incorporate unique analysis and synthesis

You can also incorporate your unique analysis and synthesis capabilities when using AI. Instead of copy-pasting the prompt, take time to develop simplified questions. Shorten the instructions by using keywords and phrases in your questions instead of sentences. Review available sources before using ChatGPT and use the information obtained to refine the AI-generated text. You can also use AI to generate ideas, edit and proofread, improve readability, and maintain consistency. In other words, use ChatGPT to supplement your writing process and enhance your input. The tool is most helpful in refining human insight and creativity with complimentary speed and accuracy.


Artificial intelligence is not perfect and can only mimic human creativity and innovativeness. Although the text generated through these tools may pass the uniqueness test, it does not equate to human industry. Some AI tools for academic writing are prone to errors and may create inaccurate information. Thus, one must review and edit AI text to ensure it matches their preferred responses.