How to get out of Poverty to become rich in Life

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Moving from being poor to becoming rich in Life can be very difficult and it takes time for you to make it happened. It is hard but it is very possible too. This is not a means for getting rich overnight as desperation for overnight success leads to more errors and hence you will lose money instead of gaining. Below are the reasons why poor people remain poor in Life and why rich people are always richer.

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Why are People poor?

Many people are poor because they were born into poor families, while others were once rich but could not retain the riches and others could not become rich because of the following reasons below.

There are sacrifices to be paid to become wealthy, not spiritual sacrifices but physical, emotional and social sacrifices. There are places you just have to let go to never set a foot there again, there are relationships you have to let go, there are friends and gatherings that you may not attend again if you really need to make money and get out of poverty. What determines what you do or not, while trying to get rich is the value that whatever you intend doing brings to you. If my chatting with a friend will not help me, I will do away with such a friend; if my relationship with a girl makes me spend money and cannot save money; I will call it a quit with such a girl. If any meeting will end up wasting my time, I will not go for such a meeting. This is what differentiates your ability to become rich and wealthy with those who cannot.

You have to make the best use of yourself by being productive as much as possible. Even among the wealthy, the wealthiest is the one who is most productive.

Reasons why People are poor

  1. They do not manage their time very well
  2. They rely on one source of income
  3. Their income is not proportional to the amount of work they do
  4. Some cannot read and write and hence, cannot communicate or read books that will improve their lives
  5. Most poor people and average people are Employees because they rely on their Educational certificates as a means of wealth
  6. Those who could not maintain wealth stopped learning; hence they could not improve themselves. They became obsolete.
  7. Most poor people are so kind that they never know when they shoulder more responsibilities than they can bear. Hence cannot save money.
  8. Poor people hardly plan or anticipate problems; hence they are caught unexpectedly by unforeseen circumstances. Have Plan A, but also have B, C and D should A not work out as planned.
  9. They do not take charge of their lives and are expecting things to just happen as they expect without doing anything to change their situation
  10. They are afraid to fail and hence cannot try out new opportunities because they are OK with what they know. The Fear of failure grips them as slaves
  11. Most of them have some bad attitudes that prevents them from becoming rich either lack of honesty, lack of sincerity, cheating or stealing or Pride.

Poor Time management leads to poverty

When you spend most of your time playing games, what value will the game do for you in order to become rich? Are you going to play a competition about the game that may win you money? If there is no monetary backing to that game, then just let it go. The same goes for watching of Television, hanging out with friends just for fun, scrolling social media feeds just to like pictures, chatting for hours with friends.

When you seem to have enough time, the truth is, you are not getting out of poverty anytime soon. Once you start a business or become busy, you will hardly have time for all of those things. The best way to know if you will be rich is look at yourself and see if you have time more than others. The more the time, the poorer you become. I am not saying you should not have free or leisure time. But leisure should not dominate other important things. I only sleep 4 hours per day maximum.

Time indeed is money, and unless you find yourself in this situation, you may just not understand.

Relying on one source of Income as a cause of poverty

You see, the best way to stay financially secure is to have multiple sources of income, no matter how small a source may be. Take for instance that every day, there is a man that provides you with money to eat and survive. What do you think might happen when you annoy this person, or when the person falls sick or when the person dies? It means you have no other means of survival.

But what if you have 5 people providing you with money to feed? What happens when you annoy one of them? It means there would be four that will help you. What if one dies? Or one falls sick? There are still others to provide you with money.

This is what happens when your salary is the only source of your income. What happens when that company goes bankrupt? What happens when you are sacked? What happens when they decided not to pay for a month for whatever reason?

Now how about having 3 businesses and also having a job? What happens when you are sacked? You still have 3 businesses that will serve as backup for you.

This cannot be overemphasized but it is the best way to help you understand the importance of multiple streams of income.

Poor people work harder than the rich and yet earn little amount

You see, there is a kind of fake security that jobs offer. A Job makes you feel happy that your income is fixed, that you can estimate how much you earn each month. But let us be realistic, if your work load at the office is increased, do you think the company will increase your salary? Do you think when those files are added for you to work on them it will lead to an increase in salary? What if you are asked to work longer than the expected time? The only Job that pays based on performance is a Sales Job and most people hate it. When you increase the sales, the commission increases; even at that, the company makes sure the commission will make it hard for you to get out of financial struggles.

You see most manual jobs requiring energy such as digging or many more are done by the poor while the rich are found in their air conditioners and yet the poor are paid less.

Any Job you are doing that does not pay you based on performance, then my dear be rest assured to wallow in poverty until you decide to invest in other businesses or source for more income. Remember, the key is to never rely on one source of income.

Inability to read and write makes your poverty worst

If you are reading this, it shows you are much higher than someone else in the social strata (Social Levels in the society). This means you can easily become richer than someone without knowledge of reading or writing. This is because you cannot improve yourself if you cannot read. The books that would have helped you cannot, because you are unable to read. You cannot communicate with people because you cannot write. What I am writing now is as a result of the knowledge of writing that I have that I am trying to communicate with you.

If you need to help someone to become wealthy as you are reading this and you know the person cannot read or write, instead of wasting money to give them to start a business, just enroll them in a school or get a private teacher that will teach them how to read and write. Once the person masters it, only then can you give the money because they now can communicate and can improve themselves by reading the thoughts of others via books.

Relying on Certificates more than Skills

Apart from professional courses such as Medicine and Surgery, or Law or Engineering; most other courses are a waste of money and time especially courses that end in Ology or Science because your employers would not want to waste their money training you to acquire skills and experience only to abandon them to another company that pays you higher because of your new skills. Most companies now prefer you have the skills already so that they dont have to waste money and time. Would you want a company to hire you because you read History and International studies? So that you will write the history of the company or what; even when such companies exist, such positions have been occupied even before you entered college or university.

Look, the truth is that your certificate would hardly bring you financial freedom. Even Engineers or doctors cannot use one source of income to become rich. I am not mocking at any field of study but I want to let you know that unless you want to be like just anyone your certificate is useless because money does not follow certificates; it follows skills and value.

You must keep learning and stay Updated

The world is fast changing. Every day there seems to be new information that we have to learn. What you learn 5 years back may not relevant today again especially in business. This is why school knowledge does not help because those professors do not teach what is happening in the real world but curriculum that is obsolete and irrelevant to this present dispensation or era. I know of a professor who does not know how to send an SMS on a phone. I know of someone who is still storing hard copies of magazines in a rented apartment (and he is paying for the apartment) thinking he could use it as reference after some years without knowing they are all online. These are all lecturers and yet you think the certificates the offer you will be relevant?

You must stay updated and catch the trend of events in order to stay relevant in your pursuit of wealth and riches. The types of adverts used some years back are not the same. New ways of making money change and so should you.

You must read many good books about business and wealth in order to know what works and what doesnt. You can watch Videos, listen to audio tapes and read inspiring stories about wealth creation. You just have to learn!

This is the reason why some still end up poor even after becoming wealthy.

Kindness is good; Too much Kindness is Bad and leads you to being Poor

It is good to help people, to give out to charity, to help the needy and to give others chance to survive by helping to pay for their school fees, pay their hospital bills and many more.

One thing with this is that, unless you have enough, do not over stretch your arms to an extent that you cannot even save a penny. You must help according to your means. Do not because you want to gain respect or approval from people.

Problems are bound to come; Your Plans help you to get out of them and become rich

Most times, things do not work out the way we planned. This is why it is good you should have alternatives should anything go wrong. I learnt this in programming by using conditional statements should something go wrong. Most times, poor people only expect and anticipate good things alone. If you try to ask if they are prepared should something go wrong, they may lay a curse on you because you are trying to wish them bad.

It is just like advising people to put on seat belts should accident occur but they will insult you because you are trying to wish accident on them.

Plan and have many alternatives, it helps you to over many challenges especially for those starting their own companies or for entrepreneurs.

Take charge of your life before Poverty takes it from you

If you are healthy and your brain is functioning well with your hands and feet, then who are you waiting for to come and help you? You often see people pray for money and yet do not do anything to help them have more money.

Some sit and lazy around hoping that one day money may appear in a big bag and make them rich.

If you are into this type of category, you can be likened to a man whose house is on fire and yet he expects someone could help him quench the fire.

The earlier you know you are responsible for your life, the better you will want to lead a successful bed.

Fear of Failure makes Wealth to Fear you

Most times, success is like probability whereby there is a chance that you can be successful. Whenever you try out new things, you are increasing your chance of becoming successful. The more you do or take action, the more likely you are to succeed. Do not be afraid of failure if you must become rich. Start a new business if you have none. Try and change things around to see what becomes of it. Do not use the same inefficient methods.

Bad Habits are just like Bad Investments

Your bad habits are like investments that you will reap in years to come. The better you become honest, the better you will succeed in business. If you steal, no one is going to trust. You must learn how to interact with people. You can buy and read How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnergie.

Being poor is not the problem; staying poor is the problem and getting rich is better. When you become committed and you let go of the bad habits that prevent you from getting rich, you can become wealthy.

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