What Makes VPN Crucial For Corporations Nowadays?

The Internet is often compared to a double-edged sword. It offers convenience, accessibility, and efficiency in work processes. However, it also presents risks to the privacy and security of businesses. According to a report by Accenture, companies face an average of 22 security breaches every year. Therefore, it is advisable for organizations to consider implementing a VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) to safeguard their files and sensitive information from malicious incidents.

VPNs are applications that provide end-to-end encryption for a business’s Internet activities. This ensures that connections remain secure, regardless of where employees access them. Here are the reasons why corporate VPNs are in demand in businesses of all sizes.

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What is the Purpose of a VPN?

#1 Tighter security

Businesses have always been targeted for malicious attacks, making antivirus programs essential tools for all companies. However, relying solely on these may not provide sufficient protection against hackers and similar threats. One of the key reasons for using a VPN is to enhance and strengthen a business’s cybersecurity. It serves as an additional layer of protection by encrypting Internet connectivity, guarding against data breaches and leaks. In this way, sensitive customer data, employee information, and company files are kept secure.

#2 Connect remote employees

A VPN not only safeguards employees’ and company data, but it also allows them to securely access the company’s intranet for remote work. This feature is crucial for companies with multiple offices or remote employees who frequently travel and use public Wi-Fi. A decade ago, hardware VPNs effectively fulfilled this role, but now, businesses seek more adaptable and scalable solutions like software VPNs.

#3 Enhanced online privacy

Most of the time, individuals are unaware that their data and information are continuously being tracked by the websites they visit. These channels collect details such as locations, IP addresses, browsing histories, saved passwords, and more.

Third-party entities have no reservations about exploiting this kind of information. This exposes employees and businesses to potential leaks and breaches, which may result in identity or financial theft.

By using VPN, organizations can ensure that their employees’ online privacy is protected. If you use VPN for small businesses, the IP addresses will be hidden, so it is not possible to determine the real location. It is enough to install the VPN app for a PC to go anonymously surfing the Internet. The main thing is that the VPN desktop is from a reliable developer. If you download VeePN for Windows, you can protect yourself from hackers, ISPs, Wi-Fi owners, and other vulnerabilities. A VPN does not allow you to spy on users and makes all connections encrypted and secure.

#4 Geo-independent

It can be incredibly frustrating when one’s Internet activities are abruptly halted due to blocked sites. This is often a common occurrence in countries with stringent national censorship and regulations. However, one should not allow such obstacles to impede their progress.

A significant advantage of utilizing a VPN is its ability to circumvent these blockages by connecting users to servers located in foreign countries. Consequently, the user’s connection will appear to originate from a different country than their physical location.

This feature proves highly beneficial for outsourcing work to entities located outside one’s home country. Furthermore, it ensures the security of the connection and guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of data and information.

#5 Scalable

Most VPN services are affordable, and some even offer pay-as-you-go subscriptions, giving users control over their expenses. This makes VPN a great choice for small businesses or those starting out. What makes it even better is its scalability and flexibility.

VPN provides security for multiple devices simultaneously. This means that as a company grows and adds more devices to its roster, VPN ensures that all of them are covered. You can even use a free VPN for Edge if the quality is high enough. In particular, there are no comments on VeePN, but many free services are not secure enough.

Moreover, setting up and maintaining present cloud VPN services is easy. Some providers even offer continuous support after installation, including updates and security patches to ensure the ongoing security and stability of the VPN.

#6 Threat Protection

Corporations such as Acer and Garmin have experienced significant financial losses due to data breaches caused by malware. The primary means through which malware spreads is phishing attacks, in which criminals send infected links to employees via deceptive emails. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to ensure that their VPN includes Threat Protection. Business VPNs, such as VeePN, offer a range of beneficial features, including centralized billing, dedicated IP addresses, round-the-clock support, and an effective ThreatBlock feature that prevents access to malicious websites and blocks annoying pop-up advertisements.

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#7 Safe browsing for your customers

For individuals who own coffee shops or other businesses that provide clients with free Wi-Fi, ensuring network security is crucial. Failing to do so may expose customers to potential risks associated with public Wi-Fi, including the threat of data breaches by hackers. It is important to configure the router to prevent unauthorized access and attempts to log in to customers’ devices. Additionally, incorporating a VPN on the router or investing in a VPN-enabled router can offer an additional layer of protection, ultimately fostering trust and appreciation from clients.


Nowadays, the Internet has become an integral part of any business process. It makes work easier, faster, and more accessible. However, individuals must remain vigilant against potential risks and attacks. By equipping themselves with the best VPN services in the market, individuals can ensure that all their Internet activities are safeguarded and protected. With a VPN, users can feel confident sharing information and data across devices, allowing them to work in peace and without any interruptions in the long run.