What Are the Advantages of Opting for GRE Coaching Online?

Do you know, as per the data provided by the GRE, that test takers in India have doubled over the past decade? 33% of students took the GRE in 2021-2022 compared to only 11% in 2017-2018. India is also slowly coming at par with the US where 45% of candidates enrolled for the exam in 2021-2022.

One of the challenging decisions students face while studying for the GRE is determining how to kick-start their preparation. If the best minds associated with an eminent GRE coaching online centre like AbroAdvice.com is anything to go by, while certain applicants prefer good old in-person coaching classes or private tutoring, most tend to think that an online prep course is the order of the day. Certain even say that self-study is the only way out.

What do you feel? Are you still trying to determine which route you should take? Are you baffled between in-person classroom coaching or study-from-home online prep? Here are certain crucial benefits of online GRE prep that will help you get a more detailed picture and make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in!

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Convenient and Flexible

When studying for the exam, most applicants in the present era face one fundamental limitation – time. Social life, college, extracurricular activities, volunteer responsibilities, travel, hobbies, parties, and other personal commitments consume around 10-12 hours every day. With already so much on your plate, the last thing you need to do is enroll in a time-taking preparation course.

A close look at reputed blogs of eminent websites like ‘GRE exam for which country,’ if you decide to go for intense in-classroom preparation, you may need to give up some of your daily rituals to devote those extra 2-3 hours to GRE lessons.

Additionally, it is challenging to study for the GRE when the clock is ticking. Keeping up with the tough syllabus and competitive class environment will also be tough. And, as you can’t miss a class on any given day, you will have no choice but to show up, irrespective of whether you have the time or energy.

However, enrolling in an online prep course lets you create your schedule. It offers the choice to study whenever and wherever you want, miss courses when you don’t have the time, and complete as much of the curriculum as you want on any given day. Further, it doesn’t matter if you study at home, at a friend’s house, or in the park.

Personalized Learning

Picture this – You are in a class, and the teacher is explaining something you already know very well. What happens? Can you ask him/her to skip the part and move on to what you truly need to learn? Undeniably, no.

To reduce the time you spend prepping, you would want to devote all your available time and energy to things that require your attention the most. Smart students always ensure they spend their time wisely. You can also tailor your course to meet your needs, decide to learn only the things you want and skip the rest. Additionally, an online prep course can allow you to manage your prep time effectively and make the most out of it.


There is a diverse range of in-classroom preparation courses available, and most of them are incredibly pricey. In-person physical classes can cost anywhere between $500 to $5000, based on where you live and what kind of program you are choosing. Private one-on-one tutoring is much more expensive than that, depending on how brilliant and experienced the tutor is. It can even cost up to $500 for every class.

Now, when it comes to online prep, the costs are substantially cheaper, offering an excellent opportunity to earn the score you want while saving money. Most online prep courses are even less than $200. This enables you to save a lot of money, which you can spend on applications and other fees like admission coaching.

Latest Content

Remarkable online courses allow students to modify learnings and test questions in response to data analysis. In online courses, professional trainers and product developers use real-time performance info from students. This process helps improve the course material and practice formulas of test scoring and question and answer sets. Consequently, the quality of information improves by staying current every year. However, offline coaching sessions occasionally alter their syllabus.

Again, when it comes to online tutoring, if developers realize that something needs to be changed in the GRE study material, the issue can be fixed in a short time, and you will gain from the changes.


When attending an offline class of 10-15 students, it can be difficult for the educator to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Since the tutor needs to cater to the needs of numerous students, you won’t ever be their number one priority and will often be neglected.

But, in an online prep course, the technology streamlines the process for you. Online courses use adaptive algorithms and technologies that adapt to your performance. This enables the tutor to target your weaknesses while strengthening what you already know. Consequently, you get a course that adapts constantly per your needs and based on your performance. This will help you score higher on the GRE.

Immense Social Support

Online classes are much more interactive and social in comparison to offline classrooms. Most online classes incorporate social features like groups, forums, messaging boards, and private chats.

These remarkable features enable you to interact with other students, assistants, and educators while clearing your doubts regarding different questions and lessons. Further, you can find individuals with similar interests and participate in group study sessions online to help you do GRE interactive preparation.

Real Test-Like Environment

GRE is a computer-adaptive test that demands you to comprehend the fundamentals of solving questions and taking practice tests on the machine. The online classes for the GRE will enable you to go through complicated passages and questions on the screen diligently, take long tests, and solve online problems to experience a test-like environment much ahead of the exam.

Performance Assessment

Imagine this – You take a test at the coaching center over the weekend and go home. You will only know the result in the next class or maybe the next day. And here is another catch here. Often, you will only get the score report but not an analysis. Sure, the tutor might give you certain tips and strategies to avoid mistakes, but how to track them? Forget about them; how will you track your own performance?

This is where an online prep comes into play. The moment you complete a test, you’ll get a complete analysis of your performance along with the areas where you are strong and weak. And this data will be there, even after numerous weeks, so you can truly compare your performance over time. This not only enables you to gauge your performance but also enables your tutor to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths with a single click. This not only helps you improve faster but also fosters an outstanding way of learning about both the GRE and your performance.

Saving Mother Earth

Although saving the earth may not seem like an instant priority to you now, especially when your GRE is fast approaching, you can rest assured that by choosing an online course, you will not be adding to the carbon footprint at all. No books and no papers imply that you will save money and a few trees. By opting for an online prep course, you’ll be doing a world of good to the planet while sitting at home.

Signing Off!

We hope now you have a clear understanding of how GRE online coaching can help you with preparations. Getting a good score on the exam is definitely not easy. However, excellent coaching can enable you to accomplish it.

So, you need to figure out what will help you the most. GRE books and offline coaching have their own benefits. But online coaching can transform you and sharpen you more so that you only give your best and score dream grades with ease. Here’s wishing you good luck in making an informed choice!