How to Create and Start Youtube Channel and use it to make money for absolute beginners

Photo of How to Create and Start Youtube Channel and use it to make money for absolute beginners

Starting a Youtube channel does not take much time and within a few minutes I will show you how to create a Youtube channel and monetize it in order to earn money with it. Youtube channels can be used for many reasons and I will show you why you should have a youtube account. I will first start with the uses of a youtube channel and then show you the steps to guide you in creating a new Youtube Channel including getting a good channel name for your channel.

Whatever the reason is, you could make a youtube channel for your business or company for yourself; hence, there is a Youtube account account for Business and Youtube account for personal use. This video will guide you through the process of creating a Youtube channel.

Table of Contents

Uses of a Youtube Channel

  1. Youtube channel is used for creating awareness such as getting people to know about your new products or to know about a new disease (this is done by non-governmental organizations or governmental organizations); you could create awareness on Youtube about an upcoming event or anything at all that you intend people to know about.
  2. You could use a Youtube channel to influence the media (social medial influencers). By doing this, you could change the perception of the general public about something because you control most people on the media.
  3. You could use a Youtube account to make money online. This is done by various ways that I will elaborate more on my Youtube Channel so you can SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel to be updated on any video I upload. I have written and made a video about how to make money online that gives the various ways on money making online including how to make money through social media accounts and I will follow that up in details by taking each method one by one and making videos on each method in details.
  4. You could use a youtube channel for fame. Some of the Youtube celebrities became famous because they had many subscribers such as Millions of subscribers. Fame or Popularity attracts money, so you could also use your Fame to make money and it must not be on Youtube.
  5. Youtube channels could be used as sources of traffic for your blog or website by linking out to your website or blog using the description box in on the Youtube videos you make.

Types of Youtube Accounts you could create

  1. Personal Youtube channels: these are channels created by individuals for their own use or in their own names. These types of accounts are the commonest. The Youtube Channel names could be any name you choose such as your own name could be used as the name of the channel or the name of your favorite bird or animal or anything.
  2. Business Youtube accounts or Company name account: This is an account created for a company or a business. It carries the name of the business and is intended to promote and sell the products of the company.
  3. Other Accounts: these include government organizations or non-governmental (non-profit organizations).

Whatever type of Youtube channel you want to create, there is always an option for you and that is what I talked about in this video.

Steps in creating a new Youtube Channel

  1. Create a gmail account
  2. Go to and click on Sign In
  3. Provide your Gmail userid and password to sign in
  4. Create the channel and give it a name
  5. Verify your Youtube Channel
  6. Select your country where you are making the videos
  7. Customize your Youtube channel by editing the channel description, your logo, your channel art, and privacy options.
  8. Uploading your first video
  9. Getting your first 10,000 views and monetizing it to earn money
  10. Staying by the rules to avoid Youtube copyrights strikes

I have shown this visually on the video in this article, you will learn better by watching it than by just reading.

When creating a youtube channel and verifying it, you will be asked to enter your phone number and youtube will send a code to your phone or call you and voice out a code for you. Once you do this, your account will be verified and you can unlock some features of Youtube such as monetization and many more.

You can upload videos right away and start sharing them in order to have more views.