Difference between ‘Best before date’ and ‘Expiry date’ of products

Some products carry expiry while others carry Best before date. The difference lies inits safety span.

Best before date:When a product is labelled with a best before date, it means the quality and value derived from that product will not be at its optimal when the ‘Best before date’ has been reached. When you buy a biscuit and it is written Best before Nov, 2015, it means by November of 2015, the quality of that biscuit will not be as it was produced. It means you should not eat that biscuit.

Expiry Date:This is meant to specify when the product may be harmful. It means the product may transform to become harmful. It is just like preserving tomatoes or drinks. When the expiry date has passed, the tomato or drink may form microbial organisms which when taken, may be harmful to the body.

So many questions may arise as to take something when the expiry date or best before date is almost a month from expiry.

If I will answer as to eat or use something that the expiry date is just a month near, I will say NO. An example is when a Tomato was made last year November and you want to buy it October the next year. Will you buy it or not?

I will not buy anything that is a month near its expiry date or its best before date. This is because the Best before date or the expiry date is dependent on the span of activity of the preservative use for preserving the product. This span of activity is an estimation of the date that the chemical can preserve the content. It means that if the manufacturer stipulates the expiry date to be one year from date of manufacture, the product may actually expiresome weeks before the written date onthe product. So to be safe, do not take something when you think the product may expire soon. But this does not apply with all products because some products expire after 3 weeks, others expire after 3 months, but it is good if you calculate how soon it may expire.

Sometimes, you may buy something that is packaged and when you open it, you may find out that it has spoilt even though the expiry date has not passed. The best thing to do is to return it back to the Seller. If the seller refuse to accept it, you should go straight to the Consumers Protection Councilnear you with the product and lay your complain. They will immediately order the return of your money and the prosecution of the seller or the manufacturer. Most Nigerians have not known that they can report to the Consumers Protection Councilwhenever the are not satisfied with a product’s quality.

The consumer protection council is created to stand for you as the consumer,to protect you from your rights. Their functions are as follows:

The right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs
Access to basic goods and services necessary for survival, such as food, water, energy, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education and sanitation. Goods and services must meet the standard of quality promised such that there is value for money in the purchase.

The Right to Safety
Protection from hazardous products, production processes and services.

Thee Right to Information
Provision of information enabling informed consumer choice as well as protection from misleading or inaccurate advertising and labeling.

The Right to Choose
Access to variety of quality products and services at competitive prices.

The Right to Redress
Compensation for misrepresentation, shoddy goods and unsatisfactory public and private services, including the right to adequate legal representation

The Right to Consumer Education
Acquisition of the skills required to be an informed consumer throughout life

The Right to Consumer Representation
Advocacy of consumers interest and the ability to take part in the formulation of economic and other policies affecting consumers i.e. the right to be heard

The Right to a Healthy Environment
Habitation is a place that is safe for present and future generations and which will enhance the quality of their lives.

So anytime that a manufacturer or a seller advertised in a misleading way, and you buy a product and you find out it is not what the said it was, Then just report to the Consumer protection Council, they will stand for you.

NO CHARGES for complaining to the Consumer protection council; It is free, so feel free to always go their offices near you. You can check their website here and learn more about their functions and activities: CPC Website

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