Autotrophs examples, types, and meaning

Autotrophs are those organisms that produce or manufacture their food and these include plants, algae, and cyanobacteria which are some of the autotrophs examples. Almost all autotrophs get their energy from the sun (light) or from inorganic substances (chemical). Autotrophs meaning Autotrophs are also known as primary producers. They are organisms that have the ability … Read more

Function of roots in plants

There are the main functions of roots in plants as well as some secondary root functions; all these are very important and essential because the roots help the plant carry out essential life processes such as growth, development, and reproduction. Primary function of roots in plants The main function of roots in plants is for … Read more

List of desert plants names and pictures

The list of desert plants, names, and pictures will be examined to easily help identify them. This list will highlight the types of desert plants with pictures and their common and scientific names. This desert plants list will feature plants commonly found in the Sahara, Arizona, Kalahari, and Australian deserts. List of desert plants names … Read more